10 Free Applications for Cross Browser Test

10 Free Applications for Cross Browser Test

Running a cross browser test for website is important as web developers can check their website’s design and make sure it’s looking good across every browser.

If you’re a web developer and would like to run a cross browser test, building your own lab of test machines is not necessary. In fact, we’re going to show you 10 free applications that providing web developers a convenient way to test their website’s browser compatibility in one place. Let’s check it out!

Install Swype Keyboard on iPhone and iPad [How-To]


Swype is a faster and easier input method for touchscreens devices because it has built-in intelligence that does not require users to hit each letter accurately.It was deployed on 26 million Andriod phones in 50+ countries last year.

20 Must Have Camera Apps for iPhone 4

20 Must Have Camera Apps for iPhone 4

iPhone 4 has been notably well-known for its camera which takes impressive picture. Thanks to its Retina display, the photos look even greater. Not forget to mention its ability to process the HDR photo on the fly.

So, if you have been playing around with the iPhone camera, now it’s the time to take a look at some of the apps out there which could give you even greater satisfactory in mobile photography.

Check Who Is Connecting Your Wi-Fi [How-To]


Ever wonder who is connecting your Wi-Fi (wireless network) without your acknowledgment?

If you setup a Wi-Fi for wireless Internet connection at home, the chances are other devices can also connect to the same Internet connection if someone decrypted your WIFI password.

In order to check who is connecting your Wi-Fi, you need Wireless Network Watcher.

What is Linux and How to Install Linux

Linux is one of the first operating system which was developed by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish Software Developer. The first Linux Kernel was released in 1991. The latest Linux version is 11.04(beta) which was released on 28 April 2011. The Android OS is a Linux Kernel based which is not known by many of us.

Usage of the Operating System May 2011


Yes , there are other operating system such as Mac os X and Ubuntu . Linux is part of an open source operating system developed by the Ubuntu. Linux runs from its Linux kernel similar to PC-DOS OS used in the early era of personal computers.

Maintain SEO While Redirecting Your Domain [How-To]

Maintain SEO While Redirecting Your Domain [How-To]

Though redirecting domains is rare, during the transition, you run the risk of weakening your SEO. Sometime entire domain is redirected and this can severely affect your SEO.

Having said that, it does not mean that you shy away from a domain redirect, especially if it essential to your organization’s needs and requirements.

Here are some ways to ensure that your SEO efforts of old domains utilized and PageRank maintained.

Multimedia WordPress Plugin – Cincopa

 Multimedia WordPress Plugin - Cincopa

If you’d like to add rich media content to your existing WordPress blog – like flash, slideshows, galleries, videos, photos or music, try Cincopa Multimedia WordPress plugin.

Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

Ever wonder who’s interested in your content and sharing it with others? Try Tnyt.

Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

In short, Tnyt lets you have an idea on what content is being copied and shared from your website so you’re aware of what really interests your readers.

10 Absolutely Useful Tips to Browse Faster in Firefox

10 Absolutely Useful Tips to Browse Faster in Firefox

(Image source: Foxkeh’s Blog)

Web browsers have become a must-have tool for Internet users to access gulp loads of information on websites, blogs, social networks and emails.

On average, individuals spend around 13 hours per week on Internet. The times spent on Internet could be reduced dramatically if people take full advantage of many amazing features and shortcuts available in Web browser.

Today, we would like to share some simple and basic tips of Mozilla Firefox which will help you take your browsing to the next level. Here’s 10 absolutely useful tips to browse faster in Firefox.

Destroy Your Current Web Page [3 Fun Time Killers]


Having Monday blue or feeling bored at work?

If you’re finding ways to kill time on Web, here’s 3 fun time killers to make you lose a few minutes of productivity by destroying your current or selected web page.