10 Absolutely Useful Tips to Browse Faster in Firefox

10 Absolutely Useful Tips to Browse Faster in Firefox

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Web browsers have become a must-have tool for Internet users to access gulp loads of information on websites, blogs, social networks and emails.

On average, individuals spend around 13 hours per week on Internet. The times spent on Internet could be reduced dramatically if people take full advantage of many amazing features and shortcuts available in Web browser.

Today, we would like to share some simple and basic tips of Mozilla Firefox which will help you take your browsing to the next level. Here’s 10 absolutely useful tips to browse faster in Firefox.

1. Open a link in new tab

Open a link in a new tab

Ctrl + Click the Link –OR– Middle Click on Link

There’re some interesting links when you’re reading on an article on a web page. Simply press Ctrl and click the link to open it in a new tab while you’re remained at the web page and continue your reading.

If you mouse supports middle click, you can just hit the middle button on your mouse.

2. Switch between tabs quickly

Switch Tabs

Ctrl + Tab (Go to next tab) –OR– Ctrl + Shift + Tab (Go to previous tab) –OR– Ctrl + 1, 2, 38

Quickly navigate between multiple tabs.

3. Close current tab

Close Current Tab

Ctrl + W

Close the current tab without clicking the small "Close Tab" button on tab.

4. Bookmark a page and access it instantly

Bookmark a page and access it

Bookmark a page – Ctrl + D
Access Bookmarks – Ctrl + B

You can bookmark a web page so next time you can choose it from Bookmarks menu to access the web page.

Or you can simply drag the favicon in address bar to your bookmark menu (right below address bar).

Bookmark Menu

5. Jump insertion point to address bar quickly

Jump Insertion Point to Address Bar

Alt + D

Move your insertion point (cursor) to the address bar quickly.

6. Find word(s) in a web page

Find Words in a web page

Ctrl + F

You can find certain word(s) on the current web page you’re viewing.

7. Search right in the address bar

Instead of searching something on Google bar, you can type your search keywords right in the address bar and press Enter to get the search result.

8. Refresh a web page

Refresh a web page


Instead of hitting the small "Refresh" button in address bar, press F5 to refresh your current web page.

9. Reopen a closed tab

Reopen closed tab

Ctrl + Shift + T

Accidentally closed an unread tab? Use the shortcut above to reopen the most recent closed tab.

10. Type without WWW or WWW…COM

without WWW or .COm

Ctrl + Enter

WWW is not neccessary in address bar. You still can access a particular web page by typing an URL without WWW.

Otherwise, you can type in an URL without WWW and .COM by inserting an URL and press Ctrl + Enter.

Bonus: Press Enter Instead of Click on "Search" Button

In many cases, you can simply press the Enter button after type in keyword(s) in a search bar. Click on the provided "Search" button by using mouse is not neccessary at all.

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