10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in The World

What’s the difference between a phone that costs $300,000 and one that costs $100? You will know it after view the pictures below.

1. Vertu Constellation Monogram

The phone’s body is stainless steel, and the monogrammed leather back is handprinted in a four-hour process.

Price: Around $7,000 online

2. Mobiado Stealth

Its screen is scratch-proof sapphire. Designer Mobiado, based in Vancouver, Canada, produced a limited edition of 1,200.

Price: $2,875

3. Gresso Steel

Aircraft steel and sapphire glass figure in this phone, from Russian company Gresso.

Price: $5,500

4. Toshiba Cosmic Shiner

The Cosmic Shiner resembles more mainstream Toshiba phones, but with two key differences: diamond studs on its cover and a limited edition of 1,000.

Price: $4,000

5. Nokia 8800 Arte from Peter Aloisson

The company covered the Nokia phone with more than 21 carats of pink and white diamonds.

Price: $134,000

6. Apple iPhone by Amosu

London designer Amosu says he was the first to encrust the iPhone in diamonds. His diamond iPhone will set you back almost $40,000.

Price: $39,600

7. Chistian Dior phone

Christian Dior’s first cellphone resembles a sleek cosmetic compact and comes with a clip-on miniature phone that can be worn on a chain or attached to a handbag.

Price: $5,500

8. Tag Heuer Meridiist

Made out of 430 components and corrosion-resistant steel, it also features a crocodile skin back.

Price: $5,400 to $6,200

9. Porsche P9521

This Porsche phone has a fingerprint sensor for security. Its black-glass frame and brushed aluminum hinges are meant to evoke its namesake cars.

Price: $1,900

10. Asus Lamborghini ZX1

Asus teamed with Lamborghini to produce this phone, which has a large touch screen and built-in global positioning system.

Price: Around $1,500

[Source: http://www.forbes.com]

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12 Responses to 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in The World

  1. Lucii says:

    i MUST have that pink and white diamond 1 !!!! lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    i would not waste money on the technology that is made for communication rather than luxurious lifestyle instead cry for the people that suffering in developing nations.

  3. Anonymous says:

    :D hello my name is amy and i like thee fones i think they are very special and i wud lyk to have all ov them but i am afraid tht i dont have enough muney but i am gettin thee mosy expensive one i think tht is enough 4 me but mah mam sed she will get me them all 4 my birthdaii thnxx alot luv yooh maytee

  4. viki says:

    well i hav more expensive mobile frm these 10 phone….vertu ferriri 1947

  5. Enzo says:

    Why bother? You’re going to get a new one 3 years from now anyways!

  6. Amelia Gray says:

    sometimes it i have a hard time selecting which mobile phone to buy. there are too many options to choose from.`..

  7. Liam Price says:

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  8. Mary Griffin says:

    mobile websites will surely grow in the following years`;.

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  10. Christian Dior is really a fashion genius, i like how he designs clothes and other stuffs:`~

  11. Christian Dior is really a genious when it comes to making those fancy dresses ‘”.

  12. Bum Bag says:

    hmmm, i would love to browse mobile websites from now on, ,”`

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