10 Thoughtful Features in New Windows Live Writer

After some touches on new Windows Live Writer, I would say that folks at Microsoft have done a good job in upgrading this powerful offline blog editor. Here’s 10 new features I think has eased our blogging job to least. Full list after jump.

1. Split Post (More)

WLM - Split Post

A thoughtful feature by Microsoft so we do not need to set it in WordPress editor. “Split Post (More)” is important in preventing content duplication and make sure it shorten the time to load your homepage.

2. Post Draft and Edit Online


This button brings us straight go to online editor and continue edit the post in WordPress.

3. Preview


Allow us to preview the current editing post in blog’s theme.

4. Set Publish Date


Functioning as “Post Timestamp”in WordPress. Enable users to set a preferable publish date.

5. Image Cropping


No more external image editor program is needed. Users are now can skip the step of export image from external image editor and import image onto WLW. I like it the most.

6. New Borders


New borders and effects for images. I believe you will like this magic as I do. (The above image was applied “Border – Reflection”.

7. Tilt


Tilt plus shadow(border) can make an image more eye-catchy. Usually I use it for a printscreen of a website.

8. Automatic Alternate Text


This time, WLW is smart enough to insert an alternate text for an image automatically. As long as an image is inserted from your computer, an alternate text will be set too according to the image file name.

9. New Spelling Check


New spelling check in WLW is in real-time now. Suggested words will be provided too to amend any spelling mistakes.

10. New Files of Type


PNG is finally set to default files of type!

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