10 Sites for Free Vouchers, Warehouse Sales, Special Promotions and Discount Offers

Update: If you’re not from Malaysia, Mashable has posted an entry titled :Bargain Hunting: 20+ Tools for Finding Coupons Online. They are pretty useful as well.

Informations like free vouchers and coupons, warehouse sales, special offers or any freebies giving away are actually very useful for us to lighten our life’s burden. Therefore as a smart consumer, why don’t we gather some useful information and grab some free or discount vouchers before we go for shopping?

Here’s 10 websites that giving away free or low price SMS vouchers, provide news on warehouse sales and places that giving discount at the moment.

Full list after jump.

1. My Style

Low Price SMS Vouchers

My Style currently provides text message (SMS) Voucher service for you to purchase a SMS voucher with a very low price. There are 2 type of vouchers:

  1. my 111Enjoy (1) fantastic offer up to 50% discount from all merchants, limited to (1) mobile number, once (1) a year. Cost RM3.50.
  2. my 365Enjoy continous fabulous offer up to 30% discount from all merchants, unlimited to all mobile numbers (365) days a year. Cost RM1.50.

To make thing clear, read the samples below:


  • my111 - Buy 1 FREE 1 all Sushi items (unlimited order for same or lower value). Dine-in only
  • my365 - 10% off total bill. Dine-in only


  • my111 - Buy any item & get 50% off selected travel size Facial Cleanser
  • my365 - Enjoy 50% off Lotus Petal EDT or White Musj EDT 30ml size

For more SMS vouchers, visit My Style.

2. OfferNutz


This community site that will guide you through all your shopping needs offering to you the from latest promotions, offers and attractive packages to the latest happenings in Kuala Lumpur.

OfferNutz has a well organized categories. Visitors can search for a particular item in section like 0% interest, card privileges, hypermarket offers, Night Market, Offers and sales, and upcoming warehouse sale.

3. ShoppingNSales


ShoppingNSales will bring you the current sales, best deals, shopping bargains and warehouse sales in Klang Valley, Malaysia. They are dedicated to find the best bargain, to hunt down the greatest deal, source all warehouse sales events and place it up here for all of you.

ShoppingNSales is presented in a blogging style. It keeps you up-to-date on every sales and freebies. Folks behind shoppingNsales are caring enough to provide a handy navigation Calendar (dates in blue) for Sales entered for that day.

4. OfferStation

OfferStation scouts Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and other cities for the latest offers, promotions, sales as well as credit card discounts on food – and report them on their website for your convenience.

This year so far, they’ve already reported on more than 14,000 offers, promotions, sales, happenings and contests.

You even can register for a free membership to receive free updates on the latest additions on their website. This website is supported in English and Chinese 2 languages.

5. Everyday


Everyday provides its visitors with free and instant access to the most complete weekly Sales and Promotion information in Malaysia.

Everyday consolidates a complete list of all the sales and promotion available that week and present it in an easy to view format. You can try your luck to look for hidden discounts available through discount vouchers, SMS vouchers and online vouchers.



PASIM stands for Promotions and Sales in Malaysia. The tagline for PASIM is free info on discounts %, promotions fair, warehouse sales, clearance awareness, charity special and events contests.

7. Revelation Promotions

Revelation Promotions offers a wide range of travel vouchers to meet your requirements. I read through some of the travel voucher offers. No doubt that they look pretty real and cool. But the layout of the website give me a feeling of those Internet Marketers (aka Internet Spammers/Cheater/Phisher).

So, surf at your own risk.

8. Buzz Offer

Buzz Offer provides news about shopping, sales promotions, discounts and contest in Malaysia. They even offer free redemption for Giant voucher (RM10) and Jusco voucher (RM20 and RM10).

9. Lelong Warehouse Sales

A category in Lelong.com that shows the upcoming warehouse sales in Malaysia. Information are well arranged in a table. You can check the details of a particular warehouse sales such as states, location, time left and date.

10. FreeVoucher


FreeVoucher‘s mission is to provide a free voucher collection site for all Malaysians and all Internet surfers around the world. Most of the web pages that listed are maintained by Malaysian.

I found some interesting free vouchers and samples on this site like

  • Get Jusco RM50 cash voucher if attend a 60-minute free health preview
  • Free herbs from EasyPha-Max
  • PizzaHut – Kids Eat for Free
  • Free shampoo, lipstick and hand lotion samples

I only manage to get 10 active sites so far. If you think I miss out any, kindly add it in comment section.

Have fun! :grin:

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  4. Randall D says:

    Great Malaysian sites.

    I would also recommend some Global promotion and sales sites which is Eventful.com , ViewMemo.com and Offers.com

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