14 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of GTalk

Google Talk (GTalk) is a free Windows and web-based application for instant messaging and voice over internet protocol (VOIP), offered by Google Inc.

Today, Google Talk (GTalk) is widely used for sending instant text message, voice chat and see real-time availability and status of friends online.

Here’s 14 tips and tricks we collected to allow you get the most out of Gtalk. Details next!

  1. Extended Talk

    Extended Talk is an add-on for Google Talk. It has over 15 different features including file transfer, custom images, active status, slash commands, smileys, and desktop friends. Extended Talk is the first add-on to add file transfer and is currently the only add-on to do so.


  2. gTalk Sidebar

    Can’t use gmail? Don’t have time to install Gtalk? Want a simple solution? Then try using gTalk from your sidebar!


  3. Google Talk Shell

    Gtalk Shell is a free addon for Google talk. It has following features make your avatars as a slide (dynamic avatars), anti boss hotkey (Hide/show gtalk window with a hotkey), configure to auto hide gtalk main window when it on the edge of desktop this will give you large work area, configure google talk always on top of desktop, and launch Google talk with nomutex mode (can run several instance simultaneously).

  4. Connect, make free International Calls

    Click on add button and enter phonenumber@talkster.gtalk2voip.com, e.g +601298765432@talkster.gtalk2voip.com.


  5. Gtalk Real-time Language Translation

    Add the bot with respective language abbreviation in the following format: “[from language]2[to language]@bot.talk.google.com”. See the complete language code list.


  6. CustomizeTalk

    CustomizeTalk is a platform which specializes in customizing Google Talk where you can find whatever you need to add or minus your Google Talk, say themes, skins or avatars.


  7. Google Talk Location Status

    Share your Google Latitude location as your status message with all of your Google Talk or Gmail chat contacts, including anyone that can already chat with you.


  8. Gtalk Autoreply

    Gtalk Autoreply is a windows utility to set an auto reply for Google Talk.


  9. Get answers to General Knowledge questions in Gtalk

    Get quick answers to any General knowledge questions in Google Talk using WebtoIM bot. If you are a new user add webtoim1@gmail.com into your GTalk contact list


  10. Gbridge

    An extention of Google’s gtalk service, Gbridge automatically forms a collaborative, encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) that connects your computers and your friends’ computers directly and securely.


  11. GTalk Profile

    GTalk Profile can help you find other Google™ Talk users from around the world.


  12. How To Know Who Blocked You in Google Talk

    If you are curious in finding out who actually blocked you in Gtalk, visit the link above.


  13. Google Talk chatback

    A new Google Talk feature that lets visitors to your web site chat with you.


  14. Useful Google Talk Bots That You Must Add as Friends

    Digital Inspiration released an useful list of Google Talk bots which transforms Google Talk into a more useful program.


Other Resources

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    Learn tips like “Desktop Shortcuts to Contacts“, “Running Multiple Instances Simultaneously“, “Making the Status Always Idle“, “Formatting Text in the Chat Window” and “Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts“.

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    Misc Gtalk information and more parameters for Gtalk Start.

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    maybe one day google will offer talk options for the non-microsoft world

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