15 Places Where You Can Sell Your Website For Cash

15 Places Where You Can Sell Your Website For Cash

Are you looking for a great deal on your existing websites or a quick solution to recycle your websites?

If you’re thinking to unload a web property for some instant spending money, or your just plain tired and want to get cash for your site, this article is written for you.

This week we’ve managed to collect some of the great websites that will take a look at your site and make an offer.

Here’re 15 places where you can sell your website for cash. Details next!

  1. WebsiteBroker

    WebsiteBroker.com was founded in 1997 by two California attorneys who saw the need for an organization to assist individuals and companies in selling or buying already existing web sites.


  2. SiteRedeemr

    SiteRedeemr buys websites to add to their portfolio. If you’re looking to unload a web property, SiteRedeemr can get you cash for it within 48 hours.


  3. Free Stats

    If you are interested in selling your website, Free Stats pays cash for certain websites.  You may be wanting to move onto other things, need some instant spending money, or your just plain tired and want to get cash for your site. 


  4. Digital West Media

    Digital West Media buys websites from any niche and/or can find someone who will buy your site without having to post it on a “for sale” site online.


  5. Flippa

    The #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites. As a seller, you have access to a huge crowd of interested and informed buyers keen to bid good prices for premium product. The hard work you’ve invested in building your business will be rewarded.

  6. Cash For Website

    Sell Your Web Site For Fast $$$ Cash $$$ – Cash For Website buys distressed Internet real estate allowing sellers to free up capital and liquidate web assets quickly and easily in times of need.


  7. Website Slate

    Website Slate is the easiest, safest way to buy and sell websites. Website Slate connects buyers and sellers together to help you achieve your goals!


  8. Buy Sell Website

    Buy Sell Website is a popular website marketplace that has been providing professional, reliable appraisals of hundreds of websites in a wide variety of industries for over six years and has become one of the most trusted places on line for buying and selling websites and domain names.


  9. Flogyr

    Flogyr.com is a marketplace for webmasters, website owners, or other interested parties. It is used primarily for the buying and selling of websites, blogs, or anything else web related.


  10. BusinessesForSale.com

    BusinessesForSale.com brings together serious buyers and sellers of businesses and franchises, adding value and making transactions happen. They do this by providing a comprehensive range of services to facilitate the buying and selling of businesses and franchises.


  11. Website Acquire

    Website Acquire is your portal for Buying & Selling Established Websites. Sell your website commission free or buy an established website online.


  12. Ebay

    eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace, where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything.


  13. DealASite

    DealASite.com is free for both buyers and sellers and passionate about websites and the webmasters that create them. Keep DealASite.com in mind anytime you’re looking to add a site to your portfolio or need to offload a site for some quick cash.


  14. WebsitesForSale

    Websites for Sale is a project recently launched to enable website owners, web developers and website buyers to get in touch under a safe environmnent.


  15. Webmaster-Talk Marketplace


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  1. Nice information. I know you can sell or buy websites at forums.digitalpoint.com too. I have seen many big sites sold there.

  2. payday says:

    very good information is here…website broker gave idea for cash recycling process.

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