15 Reasons That Cause Your Computer Slow

Reason 1: Antivirus softwares – Antivirus softwares normally taking more computer resources to scrutiny virus invade. That’s why whenever you start up and shut down computer, you will feel the computer is performing like a turtle.

Reason 2: Firewall/ICQ/MSN – These real-time running programs definitely will slow down your computer’s speed. Try to run these softwares manually instead of run it on windows startup.

Reason 3:Too many background programs running -All icons in your computer’s system tray are background programs using memory.
To see and remove all running background programs:
a. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same time.
b. Click any program or task except Explorer or Systray,
c. and then click End Task.

Reason 4: The usage of IM softwares – Animations, sound, and images in IM softwares like MSN messenger, yahoo messenger actually need a lot of RAM to handle it.

Reason 5: Windows/Softwares Auto Update – An “Auto Update” program of a software running behind your computer can cause your computer slow down.

Reason 6: Browsing too many websites at the same time When opening a website, our browser will search for cookies and internet temp file, otherwise, it will download it from the site. These progress expend computer system resources. If you are still using IE6, open a new browser window is a burden for your processor.

Reason 7: Registry history of uninstalled software – Some softwares do not clean its registry completely after we have uninstalled it. You can try Reg Cleaner to clean your useless registry.

Reason 8: ActiveX and Trojan – Needless say, some internet advertisement softwares and trojan programs always come along with ActiveX installation. After that, these programs will run behind your desktop stealthily. To solve this, install Adware or Spyware.

Reason 9: Internet Pop Up Window – These irritating pop up windows are actually one of the factor to cause your computer slow. Pop up windows are not only didn’t provide good information but also wasting your internet bandwidth. Now you know why your streamyx is slow.

Reason 10: BT software – Bit Torrent download softwares engross your computer’s resources most of the time. It becomes worse if you like to download more than 10 files at the same time. (For those who sharing internet bandwidth with you, I pity them.)

Reason 11: Watching high resolution video – This one no need to explain more. But you can try Media Player Classic to watch high resolution video. It’s normally don’t take so many resources.

Reason 12: Visualization Effect in WMP – If you are using Windows Media Player to listen music, off the visualization.

Reason 13: Low Virtual Memory – Lack of virtual memory can slow down your computer too.

Reason 14: Old or conflicting Windows device drivers – An example would be you might actually have two entirely different video drivers on your system and Windows could actually be alternately using both of them. You may have to delete and reload a driver to correct these problems. Duplicate drivers can and should be deleted.

Reason 15: Hard drive could be too full of data to function efficiently – There should be at least 2MB-3MBs (200,000 -300,000 bytes) of free space to allow for disk file chores. Note that this mostly applies to the C: drive or whatever drive your Window’s cache is on.
If your C: drive is too full, delete unused programs on the C: drive to make space.

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