1TB (1024GB) Free Online Storage At Oosah


10GB or 50GB free online storage are no longer an issue in Web2.0 anymore after the existence of Oosah. This brand new media online storage offers up to 1TB (1024GB) FREE space for its users to store files and data.


In short, Oosah is an online media content hosting and management system which provides all-in-one service for uploading, hosting, managing and sharing digital media assets with 14 supported languages.



Users are allowed to interact with drag-and-drop, and keyboard commands that you are familiar with from desktop applications. A full Web-based File Manager will be given to organize your content better.

Besides that, varieties of sharing options will be provided too for you to share content by emailing, linking/embedding, podcast your content or even download it and burn it to CD/DVD for off-line distribution.

For more information about its features, click here.



I am satisfied with its uploading speed as you can see Oosah displays an uploading progress while a file is being uploaded.

For uploading and downloading, Flash player is required. :)

Supported File Formats

Plenty of file formats are supported in Oosah. Most of them are media file formats, say image files, video files, raw image files and raw Camera supported files.



Explore and Have Fun


I am still exploring Oosah as this is not just a simple file hoster. In fact, it is a user-generated content hosting, management, and sharing site. Have fun with Oosah and leave me a comment after you’ve experience it. :)

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7 Responses to 1TB (1024GB) Free Online Storage At Oosah

  1. willemijns says:

    see my list to have a list

  2. Jaymie says:

    Thanks for the nice free online storage website.

  3. mel says:

    I agree

  4. Ron James says:

    Thanks for posting. It would be a great help for people who are storing data and do not have enough space in their drives. At 1TB, it would literally cover up a lot of data and will not crash. But I wonder if, the OOSA will be handling a lot of stuff, is there a possibility that online storage itself crash?

  5. willemijns says:

    every hardware can crash… or closes as this service
    which is dead since more than 1 year.

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