20 Summer WordPress Themes

Watermelon Summer

If you’re planning to re-theme your WordPress blog for a fresher one, here’s 20 WordPress themes that match your website with summer season.

Full list after jump.

1. Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

[Demo | Download]

2. The summer clubbing

Summer clubbing WP Theme

[Demo | Download]

3. In My Dream

in my dream

[Demo | Download]

4. Organic Theme

organic theme

[Demo | Download]

5. Summer 1.0

Summer 1.0

[Demo | Download]

6. Summertime


[Demo | Download]

7. Juicy


[Demo | Download]

8. Temp 15

Temp 15

[Demo | Download]

9. Watermelon Summer

Watermelon Summer

[Demo | Download]

10. Calm Breeze Theme

Calm Breeze Theme

[Demo | Download]

11. Summer Fun

Summer Fun

[Demo | Download]

12. SummerTime WordPress Theme

SummerTime WordPress Theme

[Demo | Download]

13. Summer Flower

Summer Flower

[Demo | Download]

14. Waterfall


[Demo | Download]

15. Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

[Demo | Download]

16. Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic

[Demo | Download]

17. Summer Sun

Summer Sun

[Demo | Download]

18. Beach Sandals

Beach Sandals

[Demo | Download]

19. Summer Freedom

Summer Freedom

[Demo | Download]

20. Best Beach

Best Beach

[Demo | Download]

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6 Responses to 20 Summer WordPress Themes

  1. Boji Girl says:

    Thanks for offering your themes. I have some other sites I’d like to use them on. I only started blogging so I don’t know much yet!

  2. alex says:

    I’m looking for Ocean Blue theme but can’t find it on WP website. Could you send me the right link to it.

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  6. Love the Summer Themes article and thankyou for your advice and examples, shall be back for more advice again for sure as WordPress seems to becoming more popular than ever.

  7. Summer Breeze, Summer 1.0, Organic Theme, Summer 1.0, Summer Sun. I like them very much. I think they are suitable for my blog, but I little bit confuse to choose one of them.
    Any way … thanks a lot for reviewing them.

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