20 Websites For Free WordPress Themes Download


Fundamentally, the WordPress Theme system is a way to "skin" your weblog. Yet, it is more than just a "skin." Skinning your site implies that only the design is changed. WordPress Themes can provide much more control over the look and presentation of the material on your website.

Therefore, a nice looking, light loading, clean and tidy themes can always impress your visitors and make them feeling comfortable while digging your website.

Here’s 20 Websites For Free WordPress Themes Download compiled from WordPress theme resources and list of collection which filtered by famous bloggers.

Details next!

  1. WordPress.org Theme Directory

    The goal of WordPress.org themes directory isn’t to have every theme in the world, it’s to have the best. WordPress is Open Source, and all the themes WordPress.org host are Open Source.

  2. WP Hacks

    A full collection of the available themes and create a gallery to display many of the top designs in both the free and premium WordPress theme markets.

  3. WPZoom

    Largest collection of all WordPress resources, including WordPress themes for sure.

  4. Free WordPress Themes

    Great Collection Free WP Themes

  5. 30 Free High Quality WordPress Themes by SmashingMagazine

    SmashingMagazine presents over 30 fresh free high-quality WordPress themes. All themes can be downloaded, customized and used for free — in personal or/and commercial projects.

  6. 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen by SmashingMagazine

    In the gallery below you’ll find 83 free WordPress Themes you probably haven’t seen yet. All themes offer quality, elegance and a user-friendly interface.

  7. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes by SmashingMagazine

    Smashing Magazine presents 100 free high-quality WordPress themes.They all can be downloaded, customized and used for free in both personal and commercial projects.

  8. Top WP Themes

    Best themes for WordPress powered blogs. Download quality and professionally designed WordPress templates for free at TopWPThemes.com

  9. Deluxe Themes

    Professional WordPress themes for free

  10. Free WP Themes

    Totally free WordPress themes for your enjoyment.

  11. Daily Blog Tips

    Recommended WordPress themes from Daily Blog Tips.

  12. 45 Beautiful and Creative (WordPress) Designs

    You’ll find some (45 of them to be exact) of the most attractive, creative designs by talented designers who push the limits of WordPress theming.

  13. Themes Rock-Kitty

    Free WordPress themes available.

  14. WordPress Templates

    Free download. WordPress templates and themes.

  15. WP Skins

    Free WordPress themes.

  16. Free WordPress Theme Info

    Another free WordPress Theme site.

  17. Free Theme Layouts

    Amazing, Free WordPress Themes for Instant Download

  18. WordPress Themes Land

    WordPress Theme Land was created to provide a variety of high quality free wordpress themes. You will never find encrypted junk sponsor links in their themes.

  19. 49 Most downloaded WordPress themes of all time by HongKiat

    The #1 most downloaded theme HongKiat has compiled here have got 47,000+ (and counting) downloads and #49 still maintain 6500+ (and counting) downloads. They are not overrated, HongKiat believes they are few of the best when they were firstly introduced and as time goes, they still pickup some downloads here and there.

  20. 20 Of The Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes

    20 Of The Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes.

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