20 WordPress Theme Clones Based on Popular Websites

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Layout design and theme are part of the most important element of a successful website. An eye-catch or simple theme of a website can be a trademark for people to remember it easily.

Hence, it doesn’t surprise that many designers are creative enough to design WordPress themes which are cloned to many big players like digg, facebook, twitter, Google and etc.

It might not that useful for individual blogger but if you would like to make fun with your WordPress blog/website, here’s 20 WordPress Theme Clones Based on Popular Websites. Details next!

  1. Gmail Clone

    Google Gmail is a unique style of WordPress. It aims to provide similar looks to actual Gmail in WordPress. It has collapsible widgets, admin links on front page for easiest access to edit posts and more.


  2. Google Chrome Clone

    A lightweight theme based on the highly coveted Google Chrome browser.


  3. Woogle The Google Search Engine Clone

    A Google Search Engine(GSE) packaged in a WordPress theme. he closest format is the 160×600 skyscraper.


  4. Popurls Clone

    WordPress Popurls clone is VERY simple to use (no coding required). It supports multiple RSS feeds and multiple Flickr feeds.


  5. Twitter Clone

    It’s a very clean and simple theme, the major thing you will notice here is that the comment textarea comes before the comments itself ala Twitter.


  6. Twitter Clone 2

    A group blog theme for short update messages, inspired by Twitter. Featuring: Hassle-free posting from the front page.


  7. BBC Clone

    The theme is basically for those who has their website on News related topics. It offers grate flexibility to Publish news headlines like the professionals with this awesome BBC clone for WordPress.


  8. Apple Website Clone

    The iBlog Pro is a premium WordPress theme that is designed for Apple lovers. It is easily customized and well documented.

    apple website

  9. Digg Clone

    The site enables you to vote on your favorite stories and find like-minded people in the community. And you’ve got to love the design. It’s attractive and very user-friendly.


  10. Facebook Clone – Crybook

    CryBook is a 3 Column simple theme base withthe popular Facebook. It contain 2 widget-ready sidebar, live theme swistcher and Custom Admin Panel.


  11. Facebook Clone 2

    As simple as the Facebook design itself, this theme brings it all together. It looks good and works great. Incorporating all of the best design elements on the Facebook layout.


  12. Facebook Clone 3 – Facebook Addict

    A brand new facebook-clone wordpress theme which provides headline for your blog. You can specify headline in front-page by editing index.php file on line 16.


  13. Facebook Clone 4 – Smells Like Facebook

    “Smells Like Facebook” is almost a 90% clone of Facebook. I recommend this theme if you want to see your blog as an exact clone of Facebook.com.


  14. TechCrunch Clone – CrunchTech

    This is the look-alike theme of TechCrunch.com, the blog which is most popular in the web. Although this theme has some drawbacks, it is still suitable for blogs related to technology, reviews, etc.


  15. New Yorker Clone

    Clone NY Times on your WordPress blog with New Yorker 2.


  16. CNN Clone

    Modelled after CNN’s theme design, WNN is an efficiant, easy to use, professional, and simplistic theme created for webmasters serious about their image as shown to their wide range of audiences.


  17. ESPN Clone

    Clone ESPN on your WordPress blog with multiple navigational area’s, Advertisement placements, Flash embedded widgets.


  18. MSN Clone – MSNLog

    MSNLog lets you clone MSN Messenger on your WordPress site.


  19. Apple’s Tiger Mac OS X Clone

    Tigerpress WordPress theme has 2 columns and provides a simple and very user-friendly Mac-alike interface (design based on Apple’s Tiger Mac OS X).


  20. Leopard Mac Clone

    All for mac? Sport your favorite operating system with this theme.


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  1. Truly the clone is as enticing as their original. I think of getting the Facebook Clone – Crybook for Best Buy And Idea | Blog And Store.

  2. Johhny says:

    Cool List. Thanks!

  3. Allan Cun says:

    Awesome theme. I am in the process of building a blog and might just use this one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. America News says:

    WOw What a Great Themes

  5. Anil Sharma says:

    As a designer I agree that layout design and theme are part of the most important element of a successful website. An eye-catch or simple theme of a website can be a trademark for people to remember it easily. I am sure website designer will love this post.

  6. Really informative blog post here my friend. I just wanted to comment & say keep up the quality work. I’ve bookmarked your blog just now and I’ll be back to read more in the future my friend! Also nice colors on the layout it goes well with the blog in my humble opinion.

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