2008 Beijing Olympics Mobile Phones [Pictures]

Creativity in China has been expanding to its local phone production . Besides cloning iPhone, China mobile phone manufacturers have released several types of new mobile phones which carry a strong design of 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Here’s some made in China mobile phones with 2008 Beijing Olympics themes. :)

The Water Cube 2008 Mobile Phone

The Water Cube 2008

Its appearance is like the blue face of Water Cube. Dynamic Touch Flo menu is also very interesting and strong TV signals can receive 7 channels which satisfy users very much.

  • Price:175.00USD
  • Remark?Classic water club fac, TV, delicate design, dynamic touch FLO menu

Gofeel118 Bird Nest Mobile Phone



This is the classic Olympic Main Stadium nest style TV phones will let you definitely can feel the wind of China has a rich sports events.

  • Price:190.00USD
  • Remark?Birds Nest Phone,TV free,bluetooth,FM,Prestige version of the Olympics

JinpengDJ918 Olympics Torch Mobile Phone






Special torch style of Beijing 2008 which is able to make you feel the delight brought by the Olympics games.

  • Price:110.00USD
  • Remark?Bejing2008 Olympic commemorative phone Dual sim cards standby,bluetooth

Impressive or not? Cool

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  1. i love mobile phones that can surf the net in lightning fast speed`-`

  2. Bum Bag says:

    mobile phones that have built in cameras are my favorite because they can capture those special moments and events `”`

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