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30 Best Websites for Totally Free Photos & Images


If you are searching the Internet high and low for a free photos or images that can be used in print and web design, this entry is for you.

Here’s 30 best websites for totally free photos and images that allow you to add images to your creation. Details next!

20 Websites to Share, Search and Download PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint has been widely used for producing slide shows that can incorporate text, graphics, video, animations in business and classrooms and is an effective tool when used for training purposes.

It is the number 1 program used worldwide for presentations. Anyone can create stunning presentations that look like they were designed by a professional.

If you’re searching high and low for a particular PowerPoint presentation slide/file, we’ve managed to collect 20 websites that share, search and download Powerpoint presentations. Details next!

  1. SlideWorld

    SlideWorld is a Powerful resource for Powerpoint Slide Presentation. SlideWorld is a Powerpoint Slide search Engine having more than 5 million presentations. Slide presentations has sbecome one of the key ways of communicating the new scientific developments.