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Giveaway: 5 Copies of Web Video Downloader

web video downloader

This week we’re going to have a great giveaway for K-Director’s readers who like to watch online videos and keep them in different formats.

We are giving away 5 copies of Web Video Downloader (worth $30.00/each) to 5 lucky readers, courtesy of Shrimp from

25 Free Useful Subtitle Tools for Video

subtitle tools

SRT text file is used to display subtitles of a video when a video is played in computer. Sometimes, we just need to adjust its timing to make it better. Sometimes, we just can’t get the right language of the SRT text file we need.

Fortunately, there are several subtitle tools that allow us to edit, adjust, render or even translate SRT text file without hassle. Here’s a compilation of 25 free useful subtitle tools for video.

Details next!

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10 Creative Google Labs Experiments You Might Not Know


Google Labs is a website experimenting and demostrating new, wild and creative Google prototyped projects. Gmail and Google Maps are the successful creations from Google Labs.

This week, we’ve compiled 10 creative Google Labs experiments you might not know since these Google Labs experiments are not quite ready for prime time.

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15 Great Websites to Download Free Subtitles


Subtitles are used to help audiences to follow the dialog or people who have accent recognition problems and cannot understand the spoken dialogue.

With videos on your computer, subtitles can be easily added on with a SRT text file. Just rename the SRT text file to the name of video, most of the players will automatically display the subtitles accordingly.

Here’s 15 great websites to download free subtitles for TV drama series, movie, DVD and talk shows. Details next!

20 Best Web Protection Tools for Better Parental Control


As parents, we continuously practise active parental control over our children’s lives. However in this digital age, children can easily become vulnerable to a variety of risks when entering cyber world.

We know that Internet is not 100% safe for your innocent children if parent do not have any control on how long your kids are spending online and what exactly they are doing, .

This week, we’ve compiled 20 best (FREE) web protection tools for better parent control. With these tools, we believe parents are able to keep an eye on their children and provide a safe Internet environment for their family.

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