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Top 10 Free Text-To-Speech (TTS) Tools


Text-To-Speech (TTS) tools are programs that convert words from a computer document (eg word processor document, web page) into audible speech spoken through the computer speaker.

Initially it’s used by the blind to listen to written material, but it is now used extensively to convey financial data, e-mail messages and handheld devices such as portable GPS units to announce street names when giving directions.

We find Text-To-Speech (TTS) tools are extremely useful and would like to share our highly researched content – Top 10 Free Text-To-Speech (TTS) Tools. Download link for each tool is provide as well. Details next!

15 Tools To Raise Your Project Funds

Thinking of start-up a project but lack of capital? There are a number of online tools that that allow entrepreneurs to start a fundraisers for their business or project.

This week, we’re going to showcase 15 tools that create your own personalized fundraising pages related to the campaign/project. Details next!

20 Most Wanted Gadgets For Christmas


The spirit of giving makes Christmas unique and special. We always try to shop for just the right gifts for our family and friends.

Perhaps you’ve already something on your mind but if you’re not sure what to get in this coming Christmas, here are 20 most wanted gadgets for Christmas to get you started. Details next!