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10 Absolutely Useful PayPal Tips and Tricks You Should Know

PayPal Tips and Tricks

Today, over 150 million of Internet users are using PayPal to transfer and receive money through Internet. This number one electronic payment processor provides an all-in-one solutions for e-commerce business and it changes the world how to handle money in cyberspace.

However, to fully understand its TOS, plans, fees, account types and all features might take years.

Forget PayPal Help Centre, don’t bet on PayPal Support, here’s what we manage to compile to clear your doubts – 10 absolutely useful PayPal tips and tricks you should know. Details next!

Solution: Facebook Open Graph Picks & Publishes Wrong Image as Thumbnail


You spent hours to follow a long tutorial on how to integrate Facebook Open Graph with your websites but ended up with Facebook picked and published the wrong image as thumbnail when someone clicked the “Like” button in your post?

Visit to enter a URL to see some helpful feedback about your page markup.

Like Us at Our Facebook Fan Page


Since online consumers are spending more time on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn than on e-mail, we want to make sure that our blog keeps pace too.

Hence, we’ve created a Facebook fan page at

15 Free Plugins & Tools to Supercharge Your WordPress Blog


No one questions the best application to build a blog would be WordPress. But the competition in today’s blogsphere is very tough. We all know that search engine optimization is essential to drive growth to a blog. But how?

There are thousand of tips and tricks out there to teach you how to enhance, optimize or even speed up your blog. Today, we’re not going to show you a way that is difficult to understand. We’ve collected 15 free plugins and tools to supercharge your WordPress blog without bells and whistles. Details next!

How to Play Angry Birds Online


Want to play Angry Birds but don’t own an iPhone/iPad/iPod? Now you can play Angry Birds online on your browser for FREE without any installation!

Just visit and you can start to dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs.

90 Absolutely Gorgeous iPhone Wallpapers

If you’re an iPhone user, we bet you must be having a cool wallpaper on your iPhone screen. We understand a creative wallpaper on phone can inspire the owner in a easier way if compare with desktop wallpaper.

iphone wallpapers
Image Credit: Kavel-WB

Hence, this entry serves the purpose of sharing a hand-picked collection of free high quality wallpapers for the Apple iPhone. Here’s 90 absolutely gorgeous iPhone wallpapers that will spice up your iPhone. Details next!

5 Free Resources to Get The Most Out of Microsoft Office 2010

5 Free Resources to Get The Most Out of Microsoft Office 2010

Even though the sales of Microsoft Office 2010 is still on the slow side, it continues to be the number one selling dollar volume productivity suite product at retail.

After a year, we found many Microsoft Office 2007 users are still not familiar with the new features and improvements. To master Microsoft Office 2010 isn’t that difficult if you have the right guide.

This post serves as a collection of free resources for you to get the most out of Microsoft Office 2010. Details next!

25 iPhone & iPad Application Builders for Non-Programmer


The success story of Angry Birds brings iPhone apps to another significant mileage. Building an app for iTune App store has became a new trend for everyone who wants to promote their products and services.

Apple sold 7.33 million iPads in the 2011 first quarter and 14.1 million iPhones, representing 91 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. At the same time, the total number of free and paid apps sold through the iTunes App Store has now crossed over 10 billion.

The statistic above is stirring media market sentiment. However, building an iPhone/iPad app requires programming and coding skills. It could be a pain for non-programmer like you and me.

We understand the pain of learning Cocoa and touching codes. Thus, we’ve crawled deep into the Internet and collected 25 iPhone & iPad application builders for non-programmer to cater your needs. Details next!