23 Best Educational Websites and Tools for Kids


Undeniable Internet has turned into one of the space for kids to learn and grow. Parent can easily find some useful tools on Internet to educate their kids in a simple and attractive way.

Most of the education websites offers kids a safe environment to discover their abilities and learn new skills with interactive and fun computer games.

We’ve filtered and collected 23 best education websites and tools for kids on this week and they’re all FREE. Details next!

  1. Coolmath-Games

    Coolmath was designed for the frustrated, the confused, the bored students of the world who hate math. Coolmath was designed for the students who just need to get through this stuff so they can reach their other academic goals.


  2. FunBrain

    FunBrain is the Internet’s premier location for interactive, educational games (math, grammar, science) for children and kids of all ages.


  3. Apples 4 The Teacher

    Apples 4 The Teacher includes interactive learning games, quizzes, and worksheet generator tools by subject (creative arts, foreign languages, language arts, math, science, social studies), articles, literacy coloring pages and more.


  4. Kid Sites

    Your guide to the best kid sites on the web.


  5. BBC Learning School

    The BBC is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world. Its mission is to enrich people’s lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain.


  6. Natural History Museum

    Make a volcanic explosion, collect evidence against a cunning thief or find out whether you are more like a Diplodocus or a Tyrannosaurus. There’s much more in the fun and games below and you can download wallpapers and screensavers for your computer too


  7. Tate Kids



    A safe place for kids to explore and play hundreds of fun educational games with their favorite PBS KIDS characters.


  9. SFS Kids

    This website, in conjunction with SFS Kids live performances, provides a great way for people of all ages to hear, learn, and have fun with music.


  10. National Geographic Kids


  11. Adrian Bruce

    Free Educational Resources of Adrian Bruce – Reading Games-Educational Software,Math Games-Motivational Posters & much, much more.


  12. The Color

    You can save your interactive online coloring pages that you have created in your gallery, print the coloring pages to your printer, or email them to friends and family. These coloring pages are fun and they also help children develop important skills.


  13. Class Tools

    Classtools.net allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge!


  14. Ask Kids

    Ask Kids is a search engine designed exclusively for young people ages 6 to 12. It’s a free, safe, fun way for kids and their parents to quickly and easily research school topics like science, math, geography, language arts, and history in a search environment that’s safer and more age-appropriate than traditional, adult search engines.


  15. Edbydesign

    Education by Design has been online since 1997 providing educational resources and fun activities for kids of all abilities.


  16. EcoKids

    EcoKids is a free, environmental education program that offers curriculum-linked materials and activities for Canadian elementary schools to engage in environmental action.


  17. Kids Know It

    Kids Know It is making education fun and free. Free educational Websites For the young, and the young at heart.


  18. NeoK12

    The best selection of FREE online educational videos and lessons from all over the Internet.


  19. Sheppard Software

    Sheppard Software designs educational software and online games with these goals: 1) To add sound and visual effects to make learning fun and more memorable. 2) To design games with many difficulty levels so that players will continue to be challenged no matter how far they progress. 3) To provide games that will exercise players’ brains.


  20. Fun-Educational-Games

    Discover how fun educational video games on Nintendo or PC can help improve problem solving, logic, maths, memory, attention spam, reading .


  21. Quiz-Tree

    At Quiz-Tree.com you will find educational games and quizzes on many subjects, including Math, Reading, Spanish, Geography, SAT, Spelling, Music and more.


  22. KIDiddles

    KIDiddles offers Free Song Sheets, Activity Sheets and Music Sheet for kids!

  23. Watch Know

    WatchKnow is both a resource for users and also a non-profit, online community that encourages everyone to collect, create, and share free, innovative, educational videos.


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  1. Valentin says:

    Thanks for your wonderful educational resouces for kids.

  2. you need more educational games that kids want to play and do thing s with and on. I’m a kid and i have went to those web site with my little brother and he doesn’t even like them arn’t the websites sapoused to be funny and educational all at the same time well my broother and a lot other kids i had tryout the site dislike them. so me and all of the like 100 kid s that i know that got on the websites would like to see a change in the website to more like action type-comedy type but still educational games now that would up the kids likness to school and educational things, and that would up sales prices and bring money lots of witch could help fund a lot more educalinol things?

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