5 Steps To Check Your Summons

Wondering you got a summons in Malaysia?
Thanks to our JPJ hidden cameras. We are always informed we got summons when we are paying our road tax or renewing car insurance. :(
But now, you can have your summons checking and enquiries on the internet without step out from your house.

Step 1:

Log on to http://jpj.myeg.com.my/eservices/ Register as an user for free.
step 1

Step 2:
Go to its drop down menu on top, mouse over “eSERVICES“, select “PDRM“.
step 2

Step 3:
Click the “ENGLISH” button on the page. There is only 1 button on the page. :P
setp 3

Step 4:
a) In “Select Query Option:”, choose “Car Registration No”
b) In “Car Plate Type:”, choose”Malaysia Car Plate No”(if you are Malaysian)
c) Fill in your IC Number without dash, e.g: 811011059999.
d) Fill in your vehicle registration number, e.g: JJJ1234
step 4

Step 5:
Click the “Submit” button and you will see the result immediately.
step 5

I just checked I have no summons. How about you?

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