5 Steps To Disable iPhone 3G GPRS Or Edge Connection


Update: For iPhone 3Gs OS 3.0 users or any iPhone that has no “Cellular Data Network” setting, get the solution at our latest post.

Undeniable iPhone 3G is the greatest creation I have ever seen. This intelligent phone has all the funky but useful functions to cheer your life up.

iPhone is smart enough to auto access Internet through either 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE or GPSR. However, if you’re holding an iPhone 3G in Malaysia like me and you’re not a 3G user yet, you might need to disable your auto connected GPRS connection due to its expensive data rates.

Whenever an Internet service is loaded, data will be transferred automatically through GPRS whether you like it or not. Therefore, I have found a trick to disable the access to GPRS network on my iPhone with just 5 simple steps.

  1. Tap Setting icon
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Network
  4. Tap Cellular Data Network
  5. Tap APN, Username and Password field

Simply type in some words so iPhone will not pass the correct values to service providers (Digi, Maxis or Celcom). You will receive a message that says "Unable to Connect to the GPRS Network" whenever you accidentally tap on online tool icons.

In order to access Internet through GPRS, just delete the fake information will do. :) Enjoy!

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70 Responses to 5 Steps To Disable iPhone 3G GPRS Or Edge Connection

  1. shukri says:

    Don’t Worry guys….just download Data Blocker from cydia…it should work….

  2. Nutcracker says:

    I’ve tried data blocker nd these apn settings but both aren’t working. Is there any other possible solution??? Please help

  3. will says:

    1. Tap Setting icon
    2. Tap General
    3. Tap Network
    4. Tap Cellular Data Network
    5. Tap APN, Username and Password field

    after these restart your iphone. And don’t try to check Cellular Data Network again. just check from “Usage” any sent or received data. If you tap “cellular Data Network” iphone will be received data again. So you need to restart iphone again.

  4. NEROsunsun says:

    im iphone 3g 3.1.2(7D11) digi user..i cant stop the gprs connection..anybody can help to fix the problem?

  5. Millie says:

    This doesnt work on my iphone 3g.i also tried restarting it and i also tried dling bossprefs from cydia. Nothing is working guys :( im using digi and i have to reload my phone frequently or it’ll run out of credit :(

  6. evlnm says:

    im iphone 3g 3.1.3(7E18).i cant stop the gprs connection. can you pls fix the problem

  7. miesha says:

    how to restart my iphone?

  8. Larsi says:

    I have an iphone 3gs that kill me truh the bill

    i dont know what to say.

    it works!!!

  9. amani says:

    i still cant get my connection

  10. saif says:

    hi, i using iphone but gprs not access in my setting, pls help me

  11. Stephen says:

    Is there a faster way to do it?

  12. Shark says:

    a. DiGi has an advanced feature that allow our subscribers to connect to the Internet although they do not have the correct settings. This feature has been introduced since 9th June 2010 onwards. If you try to connect to the Internet and detected to have other than our valid APNs – namely diginet, digiwap, digistrm OR digimms – you will be defaulted to diginet APN by our systems. Hence you will be able to connect to the Internet.
    b. If you do not wish to have the Internet service at all for your mobile number, you may choose to:
    1. Replace your browsing APN to digimms as a quick remedy. You shall not be connected to the Internet anymore unless you change it to diginet, digiwap OR any other invalid APNs OR leaving it blank. OR
    2. Call in to our Customer Service at 016-221 1800 to request for permanent deactivation of the Internet service. Upon deactivation, please remember NOT to accept any settings delivered to you automatically or make any request for settings via our SMS, UMB or OCS channel.

  13. Shark says:

    Fill in the apn field with digimms and it works like a charm. For Digi users only. Gd luck ;)

  14. nanda saputra says:

    Thank you so much , it does work.
    once again ty so much for really useful tips.

  15. Chris F says:

    I just tried the “digimms” trick and although it seems my iPhone 2G (3.1.2) cannot make any connection, but in the Usage, it should 6KB of Sent data, but 0KB received, should I care? I am still worry, the bill is killing me! Thanks!

  16. Maliha says:

    Hey, after
    1.Tap Setting icon
    2.Tap General
    3.Tap Network
    4.Tap Cellular Data Network
    5.Tap APN, Username and Password field
    it says Reset Setting so shud i go for it ????? hope it wnt disturb the other settings for past 2 weeks i have paid half my salary for tus GPRS:( so help meeeee plzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. reina says:

    Wow .. !! it really works,,, thanks.. thanks..

  18. manish says:

    I have install edge and it stop using network data but by defali have install apn enable from cydia and it started using network data again and i tryed to install same from iphonenodata.com
    to disable edge it ask reinstall i did may time but i can stop my iphone using edge
    pleas help me i am tired paying so expensive service


  19. Daniel Maier says:

    Guys try to change the APN to something in between quotation marks, for exemple: “disabled”

    Mine only worked with quotation marks!

    If you don’t have Cellular Data Network option available there is a way to add it manually, just adding this code after in carrier.plist of your carrier bundle:


    Good luck.

  20. mamun says:

    Robi sim use APN change but games open connect to internet blance 10.33 tk than blance 00.00. How to slove it.

  21. qwertyuiop says:


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