5 Things I Do Before I Start Writing a Post

Blogging is fun but when it involves typing, planning and checking, there are certain things I believe most bloggers will do in their “pre-blogging” stage. The following are the things I will do before I start writing a post.

Turn Off IM

Turn off all the chatting program like MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger and Skype before start blogging. Actually it’s not about people will message me while I am writing a post. But it’s because I like to maximize it and see who’s online, then minimize it back without sending any message. I can do that every 5 – 10 minutes if I am surfing web. :sad:

Turn Off Music

I am this kind of people who can get distracted by music easily. I can’t concentrate in thinking when there is a music on. Music or good songs can conquer my mind without any force. So I must turn off music before I start to blog. This even applied when I am doing programming in office.


Planning is important for us to write a fluent and readable article. Normally I will jot down all the points and keywords before I elaborate it. If necessary, a mind map will be done too.


Doing research is a must. The idea can’t just fall from sky. I need to get the information, statistics, official reports and references in order to get more details about the topic I am going to talk about.

Preparing Print Screen

To enhance a post’s readability, related images are always encouraged. Normally I will save an image from its official website or else I will print screen it from its reviews. Then, I will save it as png and upload it to my web hosting space.


So what do you do before you start writing a post? Share with me here.

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3 Responses to 5 Things I Do Before I Start Writing a Post

  1. Ludfi says:

    I have to write in Microsoft Word first before I post anything because my grammar is not very well.. How about you?

  2. paryatna says:

    Very usefull tips for every bloggers. Usually I just wrote. and do the revise latter. now I try your methode, and I find it more eficient, not waste my time. THANKS

  3. eldy says:

    I will bored when no music entertains me

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