5 Tips to Simplify Your Life Using Cloud Computing

Tips to Simplify Your Life using Cloud Computing

Whether you aware or not, life has become so complicated with technology nowadays. If you own more than one phone or smartphones, 5 email accounts or more, iPad, iPhone, a laptop and a desktop and dozen of messenger IDs, then you are very much like us; a generation with overloaded technology complexity. But hey, there is no wrong with that.. and that’s why we decided to write this article for you.

Cloud computing as mentioned recently by Steve Jobs’s iCloud idea has been existed for quite some time. The concept of having a third-party hosting server which stores everything for you in the net (cloud) make content accessibility is a breeze. The question of security and reliability is no longer adequate anymore as your hard disk on your NAS has more potential to crash. There are many third-party companies offering free cloud services, instead of writing about how good they are, we are focusing about what they can do to simplify your digital life.

1. Using Google Gmail to Integrate Other Email Accounts

Using Google Gmail to Integrate Other Email Accounts

You owned more than one email accounts, some provided to you by the domain name you owned, some from the companies, and some from services that you’ve subscribed. Every morning you tried to check all the email accounts, making sure you didn’t miss out any important emails. Jumping from one email account to another; seems like a never ending task.


Google has been a pioneer and a champion in offering cloud services. But the one that we like most is none other than Gmail. This web-based free email services offering 7.5 GB (and still increasing) email space.

But many people didn’t know that they could integrate other email accounts with Gmail so that you could have all of your emails (sent to your other accounts) presented to you in Gmail. How to do it? Simple.

  1. In the Gmail setting, go to "Settings" – "Account & Import".
  2. Then click on "Import mail and contacts" to import mail account from your other webmail or POP3 accounts.
  3. Type in your email account and password to complete the process.

Extra Tips

Using the Gmail, not only you could receive emails from other account, but you could also send out email using identity of another account. Simply put, your personal Gmail account is ladiesman217@gmail.com and no way you would use this is your resume. So you’ve setup a proper email e.g. samuel_witwicky@hotmail.com. All the email to hotmail account will be copied to your Gmail and when you reply from Gmail account, you could actually use the identity of hotmail. Feeling smarter, earthlings?

2. Sync Your Mobile Contacts into Multiple Phones or Computers

Sync Your Mobile Contacts into Multiple Phones or Computers

You have an iPhone, a laptop and a brand new iPad. The common problem is, all your contacts are located in your iPhone. You have tried to duplicate your contacts into your other phones or backing it up in your computer, but that takes a lot work and at the end you’ve giving it up. However, you are still constantly worry about losing your iPhone; means losing all your valuable contacts info.


Again, Google saves the day. Storing all your contact info in Google account means not only backing up your contacts in the cloud, but also making it (the contacts info) accessible to other devices of yours. Google Sync is able push the contacts info into your devices without the needs of maintaining the data in each devices separately. You can read more about setting up Google Sync here: http://www.google.com/mobile/sync/

Extra Tips

Once your devices, lets say your iPhone is set up with Google Sync, any changes you make on your iPhone contact list will be updated automatically to your Google account. Vice versa, if you want to add or delete your contacts, you can do so at your computer, by logging into Google account and the changes will be updated right away into your iPhone, iPad, other smartphone of yours in a blink. No problem of upgrading your iPhone again, mate.

3. Make Your Documents Available and Accessible in Multiple Devices

Make Your Documents Available and Accessible in Multiple Devices

You are leaving your office for an important meeting. So you brought all your gadgets with you – the laptop, iPad, iPhone and armed with a cup of Starbucks latte. On the way, you realized you have all the devices to help you with presentation but you forgot the presentation file! So you ring your secretary (if you have one) and ask her to email you the file. Then you realize the file is too huge to even get thru the email.


This is where cloud file-sharing actually come to rescue. Dropbox offers free hosting space for your file upload. The simplicity is – you could target a specific folder in your computer to automatically sync to your Dropbox account. Any files that you want to upload, you could simply copy the file into that folder. Dropbox will automatically sync and do all the upload job.

Extra Tips

Dropbox created an app for your iPhone and iPad as well. Yes. Which means you can send files to your Apple device without even connecting to your iTunes. A great example is… let says you have tons of PDF eBooks. You could just copy the files into the Dropbox folder in your computer, those eBooks will be automatically available in your iPhone and iPad. Amazing right?

4. Access Your Browser Bookmarks from Other Computers

Access Your Browser Bookmarks from Other Computers

It’s common that you’re surfing the net with more than one devices. You surf in the office with your company desktop, during lunch time with your iPad, and at home, you’re using different computers again. Aren’t you frustrated if you happened to bookmarked an interesting website in your company desktop, couldn’t remember when typing it in your iPad Safari, and when you reached home, you completely forgotten what you’re bookmarked.


It’s about time to look at those bookmark organizer. Xmarks is one of the best we tested so far. By having an account in Xmarks to store all your bookmarks, you can easily access your bookmarks in any of your devices. Typing URL is so yesterday. Similarly, nobody would memorize phone number when calling someone.

Extra Tips

Using the Xmarks, not only you could sync your bookmarks, but your web login password as well. Yes, we know that you’re concern about the security. But if you have user login in more than 30 or more website, you would agree with me that having an account to store it for you and letting you to access in multi-computers is really a god-gift solution.

5. Combine all Your Chat Applications into One

Combine all Your Chat Applications into One

This is something that beyond our explanations on why certain people own more than 3 account for messenger services. Perhaps that they loved the Yahoo Messenger, but their colleagues are in MSN, and don’t forget the old classmates – there are in ICQ, and you’ve met new friends and there are in Facebook chat. So how do you keep them all in one place and avoid excessive chat windows? You have to make it subtle in the office from the prying eyes, eh?


Signup with Meebo and you can access all your other messenger logins at the same time. Setting it up is breeze and only for the first time. Once you’re done, all you need to do is sign-in to your Meebo account and chat away, all in one window.

Extra Tips

Meebo is a web-based application. Which means if your company servers block chatting application access and won’t even allow you to install the exe, this is one of the best way to get around your IT department policy without getting it on their nerve.. Peace!

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