6 Tips to Get The Most “Nangs” in Innit Nuffnang

6 Tips to Get The Most “Nang” in Innit Nuffnang

I’ve been talking about Malaysia Digg Version– Innit Nuffnang in my previous post. Basically it is a local social bookmarking website for Nuffnang users to promote their blog’s contents and let people to give a vote for it. It’s a quick method to bring bloggers extra traffics if bloggers use it wisely with the tips below. :grin:

1. Catchy Title

Titles in Innit Nuffnang's Most Popular Section

The title of the post is the only highlighted item in Innit Nuffnang’s “Most Popular Post” section. In order to get more votes (Nangs) from Nuffnangers, the title must be able to get their attention among the other’s titles. Title keywords like sex, porn, model, Nuffnang, Advertlets and blogging are current the hottest keywords. Therefore, a catchy title play a very important role to attract Nuffnangers to click at it without second thought.

2. Timing

Graph - Active Internet Users per week

Timing of when a post is added is the second key. After a post is added, a limited time is given for a new post to stay in the first page until another 13 new post is added. The exposure period in first page determines how many possible votes could be collected because normally people do not surf Innit Nuffnang till third page. That’s why a new added post must get as many votes as possible when it stays in the first page.

I have roughly analyse few golden hours to add a new post:

  1. 1.Weekdays(7 a.m to 9 a.m) – Undoubtedly weekdays have more active Internet users than weekend. These active Internet users are normally office workers. Therefore, add a new post before a day begins can ensure there will be less competitors and more readers in Innit Nuffnang.
  2. Weekdays(12.30 p.m to 2 p.m) – Lunch hour is another golden duration to add a new post as people is relaxing at that moment. Moreover, it’s the highest traffics period of a day because many people are surfing Internet when resting.
  3. Saturday morning – Add a new post on Saturday morning can target those Internet users who have no program for their weekend. If a post added is entertaining, I believe it will get a lot of “Nang” for whoever is bored at home.

3. Short but Powerful Description

Description in Innit Nuffnang

A simple description allows readers to understand what your post is about easily. No one is willing to go through a dictionary to find out what an added post is trying to say. Make it straight forward and interesting so people can briefly know about the content.

4. Content

Do not forget about the content part. I believe most of you have heard about “Content is the King”. A sincere and knowledgeable content can not only convince your readers to give it a vote but also has a chance to get more regular visitors.

5. Tags

Tags are the keywords of a post. The use of tags is to help Nuffnangers to search for a post with the keywords typed in search field. My opinion is try to add as many keywords as possible to increase the chance in Innit SRP (Search Result Page). :cool:

6. Promotion

If you’re serious to this Innit Nuffnang stuff, then promotion is unavoidable. The fattest and easiest way to promote an added post in Innit Nuffnang is going through forums. Secondly, you can leave a comment in other people’s blogs to ask for a vote. But there’s a minor problem here – Only registered members are allowed to ‘nang’ a post. So, promotion should be targeted on local readers and bloggers.


There’s of course some black hat techniques to get the most ‘nang’ for a post in Innit Nuffnang. Maybe one day I might be free to create a software application to spam Innit Nuffnang to make sure this post is always on the top. Hehe~~

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7 Responses to 6 Tips to Get The Most “Nangs” in Innit Nuffnang

  1. mr.pc says:

    thanks for your info about innit nuffnang :)

  2. tell me la the black hat technique. hehe. i’m wondering how a simple post about personal life can get so many nangs

  3. kenwooi says:

    lol innit..
    sometimes i think it’s useless..
    the phrase “Content is King” isnt useful in innit..
    it’s kinda dominate by a gang of ppl in there..
    crap posts also they nang, coz friend friend.. lol =P

  4. edy says:

    info yang berguna tentang nuffnang

  5. Andimazlan says:

    What the hell is wrong with your comment section here. I’ve tried almost 10 times write my comment here but when I push the ‘say it’ button suddenly all disappeared.

  6. Thank you for your info. i wondering is it possible to have dofollow backlink without log in?

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