7 Clues to Relate Blogger and Food Hawker

Blogger Vs Food Hawker

Some thoughts came across my mind few days ago. Somehow, I suddenly realized blogging industry is similar to food selling industry. If it’s hard for you to relate both industries, read my opinions below.

1. Flexibility

  • Food hawker sell food at any place, anytime.
  • Blogger blogs any place, anytime too.

2. Content is the king

  • Consumers patronage certain hawker because of the food (content).
  • Readers support certain blogger because of the blog entries (content).

3. Persistency

  • If a hawker doesn’t run their business for few days in a roll, business will drop.
  • If a blogger doesn’t blog for few days in a roll, traffic will drop too.

4. Promotion is needed

  • Both industries need promotion to promote their business. (e.g. banners and newspaper ads)

5. Public praise

  • Recommendation from others get the best promotion effect.

6. Space/Bandwidth

  • Food hawker requires more space to serve more customers or else customers will feel uncomfortable.
  • Blogger requires more bandwidth to serve more visitors or else “Page Loading Problem” occurred.

7. Creativity and Uniqueness

  • Food hawkers need to create their own unique dishes to attract customers.
  • Bloggers need to create more creative contents to attract more readers.

So far, these are what came to my mind. If you have any more views, leave me a comment. :grin:

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