8 methods to resolve Windows Vista SP1 upgrading problems

Windows Vista SP1

Based on the Release Date of Windows Vista SP1, I believe most of Windows Vista users have upgraded their Window Vista to SP1. However, the upgrading process does not go smoothly for some of Windows Vista users. :???:

In order to settle Windows Vista SP1 upgrading problem, Microsoft released KB948343 support that explains why some of Window Vista users cannot search for SP1 through Automatic Updates and its solutions.

8 Potential Causes:

  1. You are already running Windows Vista SP1.
  2. Windows Vista SP1 has not been released for the language of the language pack that you have installed.
  3. Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool is used to block the delivery of Windows Vista SP1 from Automatic Updates or from Windows Update.
  4. You tried to install Windows Vista SP1, and the installation failed with a known inconsistency in the file or registry structure.
  5. A hardware device driver or device software was problematic when you updated to Windows Vista SP1.
  6. You have installed a prerelease version of Windows Vista SP1, and you must uninstall the prerelease version, or start with a new installation of Windows Vista.
  7. You used the third-party program vLite to configure the system, and you may have removed required system components that have to be available for Windows Vista SP1 to be installed.
  8. You see one or more updates for Windows Vista when you run Windows Update. However, you do not see Windows Vista SP1 listed.

Resolution for each cause

Method for Cause 1

1. Click Startbutton, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.
2. If Windows Vista SP1 is installed, you will see that a reference to Windows Vista SP1 is displayed at the bottom of the Windows Edition section.

Method for Cause 2

There will be two releases of Windows Vista SP1. The first release of Windows Vista SP1 is available in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The second release of Windows Vista SP1 will be available in the remaining 31 languages. The second release of Windows Vista SP1 is scheduled for later in 2008.

Method for Cause 3

Stop using Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool.

Method for Cause 4

1. Click Startbutton, type Windows Update in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
2. Click Check for updates.

Method for Cause 5

To help ensure a positive update experience, Windows Update will temporarily not offer Windows Vista SP1 to systems that have the following device drivers. In some cases, these device drivers are problematic on Windows Vista-based computers when you update to Windows Vista SP1. By installing updated device drivers, you will resolve the issue and enable Windows Update to offer Windows Vista SP1.

Audio drivers

  • Realtek AC97
  • SigmaTel
  • SigmaTel
  • HD Audio
  • Creative Audigy

Biometric (Fingerprint) Sensors

  • AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor with the Atswpdrv.sys driver file
  • UPEK Fingerprint Sensor with the Tcusb.sys driver file

Display drivers

  •  Intel Display

Other drivers

  • Texas Instruments Smart Card Controller with the GTIPCI21.sys driver file
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 with the Watcher.exe application
  • Symantec software driver for Symantec Endpoint Protection and for Symantec Network Access Control clients

If you’re having the above driver installed, please install device driver updates from Windows Update or install manufacturer’s updates.

Method for Cause 6

  1. If you have installed a prerelease version of the Windows Vista SP1 update, you must uninstall this version to install the final release of the service pack.
  2. If you have installed the full version of the prerelease of Windows Vista with SP1, you must upgrade to the final version of Windows Vista SP1, or you must perform a clean installation of the final version.

Method for Cause 7

The third-party program vLite can be used to remove required system components.

Method for Cause 8

Windows Vista SP1 cannot be installed together with any other updates. It must be installed by itself. Therefore, if there are any pending updates on Windows Update, such as security updates, Windows Update will not offer Windows Vista SP1 until the updates are installed.

My $0.02 

There are always some issues about Windows product new release. Therefore as an user of Microsoft, we have to be smart and patient enough. Moreover, there is no reason to rush for an update too. Do you agree?   :grin:

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3 Responses to 8 methods to resolve Windows Vista SP1 upgrading problems

  1. Vince says:

    Hi,thanks for the tips!
    But can you tell me what's so great about this SP1? I mean do they offer any extra functionality to the existing Vista that i'm using? Btw, i'm Home Premium user!

  2. kay says:

    Vista SP1 solves mainly about the security problems and softwares compatible problems of Vista SP.
    By the way, I believe most of the Windows users will jump over Vista and upgrade to Windows 7 from XP.

  3. Windows Vista actually sucks, it is full of bugs and very unstable’.~

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