8 Things I Have Done to Boost my Google Adsense Earning and Traffic in Last 7 Days

After suffering U$0.00 earning from Google adsense for the last 7 days, finally there is a miracle happened this morning. :D Actually today’s earning is not much, but it is still a big improvement to me. This miracle stop me from giving up hope in Google Adsense. :) Perhaps the effort I put in last 7 days get me back what I deserve or perhaps today is just my lucky day. Anyway, I am going to share with you all what I have done in last 7 days to Boost my Google Adsense earning and traffic. :)

First: Installed Google Ads Deluxe plugin
I installed Google Ads Deluxe plugin to embed my Google ads into my content. In order to blend Google AdSense Ads perfectly,
I added div float for my <’!–adsense–’>(code to generate Google Ads from Google Ads Deluxe plugin).
<’div style=”float:left;’><’!–adsense–’>
It caused the contect text to wrap around it.

Second: Bigger font size for subtitle
Have a bigger point size for my subtitle. Did you realised my subtitle’s font size is bigger than my content font size? According to my research, it says that bigger and clearer subtitle can attract readers’ attention. No more look here and look there in your blog.:P

Third: Bye-bye calendar
No more calendar beside post title. The cute calender that used to appear beside my post title had been removed permanently. It distract my readers’ concentration. (Maybe because it was too cute. That’s why my readers can’t stop themselves from keep looking at it)

Fourth: Sayonara “Advertise this site”
Removed the “Advertise this site” in my google ads. Most of our visitors are readers but not advertisers. That’s why the “Advertise this site” in my google ads doesn’t really works effectively. Get rid of it can make your google ads blend into content better.
To do this, go to your Google Adsense account, go to “My Account” –> “Account Settings” –> “Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up [edit]” –> Untick “Include me in Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up”

Fifth: Competitive Ad Filter
Add Competitive Ad Filter in my Google Adsense account. It will increase the reputation of your website by NOT linking to Made for Adsense sites. To get the list, I simply signed up in Adsblacklist.com to get the ads black list and added it in my Competitive Ad Filter.

Sixth: Joined feedburner network
I have join a feed burner network – Malaysia Technology Blogs. Just one day after I joined the network, my site’s traffic increased apparently. :) (Thanks CypherHackz.Net)

Seventh: Leave a good comment
Leave comment on other sites more oftenly. I did leave some comments on some websites like hongkiat.com and domaj.com.
Both sites had brought me a certain amount of visitors.

Eighth: Provide useful content
Last but not least, I will try to keep providing nice and useful articles to k-director.com’s readers. It build my site’s reputation and achieve my goal – knowledge sharing. :D

I must admit that I am still a newbie in dealing with Google Adsense and traffic. These are just my little experiences. Correct me if you think my points are wrong. Thanks!

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