A Letter To Backstabber

Do you know one of the reasons I like blogging is because cyber space is where I can ignore company politics. No one is comparing and jealous no one. Everyone gets a fair chance to do what they like to do. Everyone is helpful and kind.

This a letter to backstabber.

“Hi, why the hell to backstab others who are better than you? How much efforts you have put in before you start to compare yourself with someone else? Have you ever judge yourself before start accusing the others?.

Please accept the truth that many people are better than you. Take this truth as a motivation, improve yourself, keep learning. Knowledge is infinite. Don’t keep talking bad words behind people, this is useless and will not get you any benefits.

No one is perfect and no one should stop learning. How many people you can backstab to? Until all of them leave and you can manipulate the company?

The real paragon does not complain the world. Spend your time wisely to do what is good for yourself. Live and learn! If you stop learning, don’t blame everyone and everything but not oneself.

Everyone has their limitation. Don’t go too far if someone reacts calmly to your assault. That’s because other people are more mature than you. Respond to your stupid accusation is kind of wasting time.

Build your highly effective skills should be your first priority. Jealousy won’t get you a better pay. Respect the others before you want to get respected. I believe be a humble learner will make your life better and happier.

Have been how long you didn’t smile because seeing others get praised? Is it the life you are looking for the rest of your life?

The only way to stay at the top is to perform. Show your talent to prove your’re better.

Talked so long I think you don’t absorb too.
All the best to you backstabber. This world will get better without your existence.”

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