A Massive Online Applications to Kill Your Time – GlassGiant

image Feeling bored on weekend and cannot stand the heat outside? Here’s a perfect time killer website that provides a massive online applications for you to spend your weekend – GlassGiant.com.

Basically in GlassGiant.com, you can make pictures with plenty of effects, playing fun games and experiment some geek stuffs.

Make Pictures in GlassGiant

Make Photo Effects

There are 26 effects for you to make fun and customize your pictures. You can save it and use then on your Facebook Photos application, MSN icons, or other websites.

I have tested a effect named “Back to School Chalkboard Message“. Here’s the result.

make picture with GlassGiant

Not bad huh? Cool

Fun & Games in GlassGiant

Fun and games

You can spend your free time by getting your hands dirty with a collection of fun applications and games like Free Games, Fark Photoshops, Pumpkin Masher, ASCII Art and Word Scrambler.


Can you see a dog from the ASCII art?

Geek Stuff in GlassGiant


Some useless but creative stuff. Take a look how geeky they are.

I personally like Morse Code Translator. You can type your text and listen how your text can be read in morse code.


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