Adobe Director 11 Overview (Screenshots)

Adobe Director 11 Startup page

Adobe Director 11 is finally available for download. If you’re new to Adobe products, registration is required in order to download Adobe Director 11. At the meantime, Shockwave Player 11 download links are available too.

I have downloaded and installed the trial version (30 days) of Adobe Director 11. After 4 years of waiting, I just couldn’t wait to see how’s the new Director will be looked like, how’s the new features, what’s the changes and etc.

For those just wanna peek on Adobe Director 11 but do not want to install it in your computer, here are some interesting screenshots. Pictures after jump. :cool:

Director Installer Icon
Director installer icon.png
Adobe Director 11 coming out from Adobe box.

Installation 1st Step
Installation 1st step

Installation 2nd Step
Installation 2nd step

Installation 3rd to Final Step

New design for installation menu.

Start – Program – Adobe Director 11

After click on “Start” – “Program”, an shortcut for Adobe Director 11 can be seen. Fast and clear.

Adobe Director 11 Start up Page

Nothing much different from Director MX 2004. Just the logo becomes bigger.

Adobe Director 11 Workspace

Workspace doesn’t change. This arrangement is my favorite workspace set. I name it “kSet”.

New Script Editor

Lingo Dictionary is provided on the left side.

JavaScript Dictionary is provided too.

Script Browser allows user to moderate their scripts easily.

Built-in Xtras

Built-in Xtras. Do you know which one is new Xtra?

Library Panel

Libraby panel looks same.

Adobe Director 11 Help

Bigger logo but all the tabs remained.

New feature – Physics Engine. Help file provides a series of lingo script for this new physics engine.

New Feature – Bitmap and Text Filter

Bitmap filter can be found in Property Inspector.

Image after applied Glow Filter. Photoshop filters are in Director 11!

Text can be filtered too. Amazing!

Flash Components

Flash Combo Box component is still not in the list. Wonder why Adobe couldn’t solve the bug.

New icons for dir and cst file

New icons. Look fresh.

My $0.02

Overall Adobe Director 11 didn’t give me a big surprise. Most of the functions are remained same as Director MX 2004. GUI didn’t upgrade too much too. I’ve not yet try to use it to create an application. Hopefully its functions and usabilities are much more powerful than its look.

However, I came across Adobe website to look for information of Adobe Director 11 this afternoon. Sadly to say, Adobe doesn’t even promote this new product – Adobe Director 11 in their first page, or in “Products” page.

Main page of Adobe – Director 11 is not in the list.’s Product tab drop down menu. Director 11 is not in the list.

“Product” page, Director 11 is not in the list.

Finally Director 11 is in the list.

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2 Responses to Adobe Director 11 Overview (Screenshots)

  1. Great set of screenshots here, especially of the new bitmap filters.  How is performance? Ive put up some documentation of the new features on my own site as well. We also got Valentina Xtra for Director 11 out a few months ago and it seems to play very well with Director 11's unicode and Mac OS X Intel support.

    Best regards,

    Lynn Fredricks

  2. KK says:

    Too bad, seems like the so called Adobe Director 11 is merely add a name "Adobe" to the Director series only, yet they have not pay effort to this poweful authorware, or not even keen to sell or promote them, seem very bad. But no doubt that Director nowadys strongest competitor – Adobe Flash CS3 is too strong with the Actionscipt 3.0, it is way advance than the Lingo Script already.

    Nice review you have done! Good job. (so I don't have to try the so called new Director 11) – suggestions >> Maybe you can start blog Adobe Flash CS3 with Actionscipt 3.0, it seem market demand is very high on this….. keke.

    Thank you.

  3. kay says:

    Hi KK,
    Honestly, I am not that good in Flash CS3. LOL

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