Adobe Director 11 updated News

I just got this from Adobe Director official forum. It is a good news for all the people who still waiting for the release of Adobe Director 11.

I am the product manager for Director and Shockwave at Adobe. We are very much aware of this issue, and have a two-step plan to address the performance issue on Vista.

1. In the very short term, we will release a Vista-compliant version of the Shockwave player, which will force the movie to use DirectX 7. While the performance is still likely to be poorer than on XP, it will be better than what you see today (with software rendering).

2. With the next release of Director, we plan to move to DirectX 9.x.

I appreciate the problems developers are facing, and assure you that the team is working very hard to fix these performance issues.”, from Ritesh Banglani(Product manager for Director and Shockwave at Adobe)

and he also said that,“I cannot give an exact release date for the next version, but it will likely be towards the end of the year rather than the middle. The Shockwave Vista release (with DirectX 7) will be out sooner – in 6 weeks or so.We will NOT upgrade the 3D feature set in the forthcoming Director release. Requirements like new platform support, performance and text engine enhancements are very urgent, and we don’t want to delay this release beyond 2007. However, we are committed to maintaining Shockwave as the leading 3D format on the web, and you WILL see 3D enhancements in a subsequent release. The move to DirectX 9 is a signal of our long term commitment to Shockwave 3D and scheduled for the year-end release.

I know this is not the answer many of you are looking for. I appreciate your patience, and hope to keep the channels of communications open!”

So basically I still see the bright future of the next version of Adobe Director. How about u?

(original posts in forum)

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9 Responses to Adobe Director 11 updated News

  1. Audioquest says:

    Normally I don’t write about other peoples blogs, but this one really caught my eye: …

  2. kay says:

    Thanks for sharing your comment. I m really appreciate it.

  3. lyh says:

    add web

  4. kay says:

    What do u mean by “add web”?

  5. leooi says:

    good news for director users

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  8. Anonymous says:

    please look for arabic support and doc office word format support
    Ali Elsayed

  9. Sameer says:

    Yes, right to left languages support is very important, I hope you consider this, like in future release of Flash ( Astro )

  10. hi

    visit my blog and see and download  the first game made with new Adobe Director 11:

    best regards

  11. Frank says:

    Please, please publish an update for arabic languages.

  12. kay says:

    Hi Frank,
    I have no idea how to speak in arabic language.
    sorry for that.

  13. Kayyak says:

    I think Right-to-Left support is a much much needed feature. Any guess if Director 11.5 supports RTL?

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