Adobe Director 11 Updates

Here is the latest Adobe Director 11 updates. It’s a minor updates if compare with my previous post – Adobe Director 11 updated News.

Anyway, least is better than none. Let’s see the news I got from Adobe forum.
Dean Utian has mentioned

John Dowdell, an Adobe Developer Support person made some comments on his
blog in the last few days speculating that Director’s development cycle
is over. He is not part of the Director team and was just guessing. The
one positive result of his comment is that it has brought out some
public comments from key people in the Director development team to set
the record straight.

From Tridib Roy Chowdhury, Director of Products at Adobe
Adobe has invested in a large engineering team which is working towards
the next release of Director 11
We are also getting ready to start the discussions on the Director 3
year roadmap.

K Venkatesh, Senior Program Manager, Director-Shockwave.
Director-Shockwave combo is alive and kicking. The version 11 is due in
2H07 and I manage the release program of Director and Shockwave.

and he also answered the question of what’s the new features in coming Adobe Director,

Another big update is Unicode text. I’m not sure if you’ve had much experience
in this area. It is quite a significant change to text treatment and would be a
very large job to implement. So, Director 11 is bound to be more than a
maintenance release.

As I’ve said before, Macromedia neglected Director and let bugs and cracks
develop in the code. Part of Adobe’s update to the new Operating Systems is to
close as many of the cracks and legacy bugs and build a much stronger base for
future development
. So, while Director 11 may not have the wave of new features
we’d all like to see (like 3D engine etc.), I’m hopeful it will be the start of
a stronger future under Adobe.

If Adobe really wanted to depreciate Director, the could have written it off now
and avoided OS updates and things like Unicode. To me, this investment of time
and resources shows they ARE NOT looking at Director as a short term thing.

You can read more about the post here or news from Adobe official website here.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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4 Responses to Adobe Director 11 Updates

  1. John Dowdell says:

    “John Dowdell, an Adobe Developer Support person made some comments on his
    blog in the last few days speculating that Director’s development cycle
    is over. He is not part of the Director team and was just guessing.”

    I said nothing of the sort. Go look at the original:

    My error? I had forgotten that the Director team had made a second FAQ, other than their official “productinfo” FAQ.

    Software evolves quickest in its first few versions, but evolves more slowly after its first ten full engineering cycles.


  2. kay says:

    Thanks for the updates and amendment.

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