Adobe Director Bugs Found? Make A Report Here

Adobe Director 11 Bugs

What will you do if you found some bugs in Adobe Director? Normally we will try to look for some clues in UpdateStage‘s quirk list.  If you could not find any solution there, it’s better to visit The Director Community Bugbase and report the bugs.

About The Director Community Bugbase

For many long-time Director Developers, the time between Director releases can be frustrating. Bugs crop up. Is it you? Is it Director?

The Director Community Bugbase is designed to help you find answers. Having a problem? Search the bugbase to see if sombody’s run across it before. Think you’ve found a bug? Enter it, and save somebody else the frustration you’re having.

The Director Community Bugbase is generously hosted and maintained by Creative Perspectives, Inc. one of the industry’s premier developers of multimedia applications.

Director users should keep an eye on the bug list so whenever a bug occurred, you’ll know where to get the solution.

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