Adopt An Online Pet

If you want to make your blog more interesting and lovely, try to adopt an online pet. The concept is similar to “Tamagotchi“.

Bunnyhero Labs provides 20 interactive cyber pets for you to “adopt” and put on your webpage, myspace, xanga, livejournal, blog, etc… for free! You can have simple interaction with your pet by feeding it and play with it. :D

These are the steps on how to adopt an online pet:

Step 1:
Choose a pet at
Adopt An Online Pet

Step 2:
Customize you pet by giving it a name and key in adopter’s name(your name or nick). You can select a color for your pet too.
Adopt An Online Pet

Step 3:
Get the suitable code for your blog and insert it wherever u like it to appear in your website.
Adopt An Online Pet

This is my pet – KD.

Isn’t it cute?

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8 Responses to Adopt An Online Pet

  1. Your pet’s so cute!
    GOt a question for you though, why a panda instead of all the other pets?

  2. kay says:

    Bcoz I love Panda!

  3. Adopt Virtual Pets…

    you are exactly right and there is nothing wrong with it….

  4. Eve Reid says:

    i admire John Chow because of his innovative ways to gain traffic both from whitehat and greyhat methods.-;”

  5. Liam Price says:

    anyone who makes money on the internet would love to know the secret of John Chow’s success.-”,

  6. I purchased tamagotchi v5 game for my son to keep them away from personal computer. It looks cute to even an adult like me.

  7. Kyle Bailey says:

    John Chow is my idol when it comes to online moneymaking…

  8. LED Torch  says:

    well what can i say, John Chow is the king of SEO and blogging:-*

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