Advertlets Late Payment?

Update 17/12/2007: After I submitted 2 support tickets to Advertlets, I finally received their reply today. Advertlets calming that all valid cashouts for October should be received in the next 1-2 weeks and reminded me to replace my Advertlets ad placement for higher revenue.

Update 13/12/2007: Finally I saw my cash out status changed to “Processing“. It’s already 42 days, they are just started to process my cheque. What’s wrong with Advertlets?

Today is 2-12-07. I suppose to receive my Advertlets cheque in November if according to what Advertlets stating in Earning/Cash Out History page:

Blogger payments are processed at the end of every month. Please submit your cash out request before the end of the current month to make sure you receive your payments by the subsequent month.

I will take the subsequent month as the next month after I cash out my money. It’s fair enough for them to issue a cheque in 30 days but not more that it. :evil:
I still remember what they state in their FAQ section:

How will I get my money ? How do I cashout?We will pay you by either cash or cheque once your account balance reaches the minimum payout rate of RM100.
Currently you can only cashout via cheque. In the future we will offer Maybank2u (for those with Maybank2u accounts), and also prepaid reloads (currently only for Maxis Hotlink and Celcom Xpax) cashouts. For prepaid mobile users, as you will not need to wait for us to send you a physical reload card. Your reload number can be sent to your e-mail. Please wait 15-30 days for payment.

And then today, I found this in their Advertlets Support page:

When will I receive my money after I request a cashout?

By default we pay all publishers by check. After your account has accumulated exactly or more than RM100, you will see a cashout button. Once you’ve requested a cashout, we will send your check via mail for Malaysian publishers and Air mail for our International publishers.

Payments are processed 30-45 days from the end of the month which you cashed out. So, if you request a cashout anyhere in January (1-31), you will receive your money sometime around the middle of March, or earlier.

Obviously to me, it takes too long for a local cheque. 1.5 months for issuing a RM100.00 cheque? Sound a bit like what we always call “Malaysian working culture”. :neutral:

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3 Responses to Advertlets Late Payment?

  1. iCalvyn says:

    same to mine, I have click to cash out on Sept or Oct (Forgot already) but until now also not yet receive the payment~

  2. mr.eims says:

    hurm… dissapointed by advertlets :(

  3. safar says:

    Hello Advertlets why late payment …………

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