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It’s been quite a long time didn’t held a contest for Malaysian since the last RM50 review. Thanks to so I know there’s a new sponsored post opportunity to Malaysian bloggers from :)

Badges or sticker contest
The above picture shows the winners of Advertlets last badges or sticker contest. The winners of this contest can get RM50.

About This RM20 Contest

These are the rules of this contest. Read carefully before you get yourself into it.

Budget: RM20 (Malaysians) / SGD10 (Singaporeans)

Language: English / Bahasa Malaysia / Mandarin / Singlish / Romanized Hokkien

Limits:Only one opportunity per blogger.

Requirements: To take part in this opportunity, you must not have had cashed out from Advertlets before. You must also be an active member (have had the code up for more than a month at least)

Closing Date: Blogvertorials must be submitted before 30th September 2007

Bear in mind that, if you have never earn RM100 from, this is your chance to grab RM20 into your account. But if you did, then this is not the right contest for you. :P

The best thing of is they always organize contest for bloggers to help their accounts reach RM100 pay out quickly. If I can get this RM20, I think my account will reach RM100 in a very very short time.

Are you an Advertlets publisher?? Mind to share your daily earning with me here??

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4 Responses to is giving away RM20!

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  2. iCalvyn says:

    i guess i am the 1st 50 to blog about this, but i not yet receive any thing from them at all… dono real or not

  3. kay says:

    Calvyn, I have got the RM20 from them last month. You can try to send them an email to ask about it.

  4. iCalvyn says:

    too bad, i still don get any buck from them… i going to send them email…thank for the advice

  5. kay says:

    According to Advertlets, they've sent me my 1st Advertlets cheque which included the given RM20. I am expecting it in this week.

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