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How many window tabs you use in a browser to search for a particular information? I usually open quite a number of tabs in my Firefox browser to look for a certain picture and I realize this would slow down my researching task.

I guess when a browser has up to 5 tabs for 5 different search engine, things couldn’t get it done smoothly as we need to switch over different tabs repetitively. To overcome this – I recommend an all in one search engine – Widexplorer.

What Is Widexplorer

In short, Widexplorer allows you to browser multiple search engines websites on a screen with a horizontal-vertical interface that enhances your browser’s scrolling capabilities. The search result from a multiple search engines will be displayed in same window.

There’s s currently 14 famous Websets – Google, Cuil, Wikipedia, Live Search, Yahoo Search, Scribd, YouTube and etc available for a particular topic. If you’re not satisfied with default webset (too many or too less), there’s an option for you to customize a webset.

Speaking from multimedia programmer and blogger standpoint, Widexplorer is an online tool that speeds up my researching jobs for my project.

While our search engines are not able to provide multi-varieties search results, why don’t we have a try on Widexplorer?

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    ooh.. this is cool..

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