ASCII Spam – Art Or Rubbish?

cat-on-computer Spammers have taken over many tunnels to reach us from emails until social networks. Now they have a new tactics to achieve that – ASCII Art.

In order to get through spam filters, spammers have started to use ASCII to represent words. Even though it’s not entirely effective, it still allows spammers to convey their message to us.

I have received such abominations in my Yahoo inbox today. Apparently Yahoo needs to adjust their security line for it. The below picture shows how an ASCII Spam appeared in my Yahoo inbox.


From: Ibarra Latham Guidry
Subject: Vvvoodhnblbm

I have no idea on how Yahoo allowed this kind of sender name and subject but I personally think this is very creative and I admire the efforts put by those spammers.

How do you think?

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