Automatically Copy USB Files in Silent When An USB Drive Connected [How-To]

Recover damaged or deleted files is not something new. But automatically copy USB files in silent when an USB drive just connected is smart.

In order to do that, you need USBDumper.


In short, USBDumper is a smart portable utility that allows you automatically copy the USB files of a connected USB drive onto your computer in silent.

Whenever an USB drive is connected to a computer, USBDumper will automatically copy the complete data of USB drive onto computer as a background process without any alert, confirmation and prompt box.

With USBDumper, you’re able to collect the files, either personal or confidential, from whoever inserts their USB drive into any USB port of your computer which USBDumper been installed and launched.

Users are allowed to configure the destination for the copied data. It will create a directory with current date if a fully transparent copying process happens. Its system tray icon and prompt alert can be hidden as well.

USBDumper Destination Folder (Date)

How to Use USBDumper

  1. Download USBDumper and unzip it.
  2. Open unzipped USBDumper folder. Go to "bin” and launch “USBDumper.exe”.
  3. That’s it! USBDumper is running at the background silently.

You may check if USBDumper is working by connecting an USB drive which contains data. It’s working if a new folder with date title is created when you connect an USB drive.

To turn off USBDumper, simply go to “Task Manager” and look for “USBDumper.exe” then click on “End Process”.

Despite of the copying function, USBDumper also can be used to create automatic backups of USB drive content.

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