AzoogleAds Network Full of Malaysian?

AzoogleAds Network

Last month I applied to become a publisher on AzoogleAds because I wanted to test its performance in However I received their reply last week and this is what they stated in the email:

Thank you for your interest in the AzoogleAds network!  Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new candidates from this country. In the event we move forward with future international business a member of the Publisher Support Team will contact you directly. Please feel free to address any additional questions to:

AzoogleAds network is no longer accepting Malaysian as their publisher. Why??

The Reasons Behind It

  1. Publishers from Malaysia are abusing Internet to make money online.
  2. Our (Malaysian) reputations are not good.
  3. Lack of purchasing power from the local market.
  4. Too many MFA websites are based in Malaysia.
  5. We can’t bring targeted traffics to AzoogleAds.
  6. They are not aiming Asian market.

The above reasons are just my wild guess.  :cool:  So for whoever from Malaysia, you can save your time to apply as a publisher on AzoogleAds after you read this post.

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