Backing Up Your Hard Drive

Yesterday I posted how to back up blog online for free, so today let’s learn how to back up our hard drive. :D

1. Click on the Start button and navigate to ‘Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> Backup’

2. Click on the Next button

3. Select ‘Back Up Files And Settings’ then click Next

4. Select ‘Let Me Choose What To Back Up’ then click Next

5. Select the files/folders you want to back up then click Next

Note: Selecting ‘System State’ under My Computer will back up all system files needed to do a recovery
Note: Be sure not to exceed the size limit of your removable media disk (i.e. 700-800 megabytes for a CD-R or 4.2 gigabytes for a DVD-R)

6. Choose a location and name for the backup then click Next

7. Click Finish to start the backup

8. Once the backup has completed, simply copy the backup file to your removable storage device using your normal software.

My Angle
When backing up your hard drive, I recommend you backup your entire computer as this is more convenient and you will not have to reinstall all your programs and then change all the settings back to the way you had them. When doing a full backup, you should clean out your computer first (Temp folder, Temporary Internet files, ect.) as all these files will just make the backup file larger than it needs to be.

I will teach you how to restore your hard drive from a backup tomorrow. :D

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