Bad Culture for Malaysia Internet Ads Company: Late Payment

I just got my Nuffnang checks today. For your information, my earning has reached over RM100 in December 2007. After 3 long months, I finally got my payment from Nuffnang. I can say this is a very late payment for a local internet ads company. After I experienced Advertlets late payment, I thought it would be better for Nuffnang to process publishers’ payment due to their good reputation. But apparently I am wrong.

This is what Nuffnang states at the bottom of “Earning” page.

[Please note that a transaction fee of RM 1 will be applied to any cashout payments.
Please also allow about 30 days for your payment to be processed and sent.]

For my 11 Dec 07 earning, it takes almost 3 months to reach me. It’s about 90 days but not 30 days. I am not someone who is waiting for Nuffnang’s payment for my living. I am just disappointed with their service.

I think they should change their website banner to the below one.

 Nuffnang Late Payment

PS: For Gokita or GrabMyAds, I seriously doubt anyone has got their payment as their ads earning speed is super slow if compared to Google Adsense.   :?:

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2 Responses to Bad Culture for Malaysia Internet Ads Company: Late Payment

  1. Abas says:

    Hallo, K-Director

    How are you?

    Nuffnang pays out after 3 month? Heck! :/ I stopped using Nuffnang & Advertlets a few months ago because of technical issues. Now, seems like there are payment issues.


  2. Kay says:

    This is how local Malaysian do work. Slow + effectiveless.

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