BarCamp Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Day 1

BarCamp Malaysia

I joined BarCamp Malaysia today since morning till evening in Kuala Lumpur. This was my first official event as in a blogger’s stand. It took a whole day long but it was pretty enjoyable.

I didn’t bring my camera so these were what I basically involved in BarCamp Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia day 1.

8am: Registered myself and got the freebies from BarCamp. I was the first attendee. LOL.

8.30am: Had breakfast with HongKiat, LiewCF and James in McDonald. It was supposely to be in some hotel restaurant for DimSum but we ended up with McMuffin.

10am: Attended “Life of a GSoC Student”. We were there because the room for “Google Andriod” was super full.

11am: Attended “The OpenMalaysiaBlog Story”. OK, it’s nothing to do with blog or blogging at all. Just like what the speaker said in the sharing session, “it’s a complete waste of time“.

12pm: I was in “Monetizing YouTube?”. Basically it didn’t give a single clue on how to monetize YouTube. We were just given some information of a new technology that able to detect a particular shape in a video. That’s all!

1pm: Lunch with HongKiat, LiewCF and James at Mamak because they’re too famous to have lunch buffet at BarCamp venue. You know, celebrities like privacy.

2pm: Attended “Monkeying around with Yahoo! Search”. No comment on it because I saw several attendees were napping.

3pm: Attended “How to become 25% more productive: Essential free tools for the modern office” which conducted by James from It was the best topic I have went through this whole day and it was seriously ’25% more productive’ because the class ended up within 30 minutes.

3.30pm: Beer section with HongKiat, LiewCF, James and James’ friend. Sorry I forgot your name.

5pm: Was in “Blogging in Malaysia”. The speaker didn’t show up and we had our own discussion about blogging in the room.

6pm: Ciao.

So, see ya all at BarCamp Day 2 !

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4 Responses to BarCamp Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Day 1

  1. Friedbeef says:

    Was a pleasure meeting you man :)

  2. kay says:

    @Friedbeer, LOL. Me too. :)

  3. Hey great to meet you man

    Hope you enjoyed the event.

  4. Kay says:

    @Daniel, I did.

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