Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

Ever wonder who’s interested in your content and sharing it with others? Try Tnyt.

Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

In short, Tnyt lets you have an idea on what content is being copied and shared from your website so you’re aware of what really interests your readers.

Whenever someone “Copy & Paste”  your content from your website, another extra customizable sentence or URL link will be inserted. It increases the chances to direct the reader to go back to the original article through given link.

Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

You cannot prevent a user from sharing your content, but you can increase your chances of getting credit for the copy by using the automatic attribution link.

Tynt Publisher Tools

Tnyt supports Tynt Publisher Tools which enables the users to track copy and paste activity on your website and automatically add a link back to your original content when it is pasted somewhere else.

Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

Tynt Publisher Tools offer insight into what content is copied from your site; enable you to drive higher SEO, help keep users on your site longer, and give you a measure of your site’s social impact.

Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

When someone copies and pastes text from your web site Tynt Publisher Tools automatically adds a link back to the original article with the paste. When the recipient clicks that URL, they are directed back to the original content. This drives incremental traffic to your site when your content is shared without your knowledge while maintaining a consistent user experience.

How to Add Tynt to WordPress

  1. Go to "WP-Admin" – "Plugins" – "Add New".
  2. Search for "Easy Tynt plugin", install and activate it.
  3. Click on the Easy Tynt settings link in your WordPress admin to configure Easy Tynt.
  4. Visit and log in or register a new account.
  5. Chose the options you are interested in. I suggest looking at the Attribution Link, Address bar, and possibly the Link Sponsorship options.
  6. Once everything is setup to your satisfaction, copy the provided "YOUR SCRIPT" code into the Easy Tynt settings in WordPress. Hit "Update Options" and you are done!
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