BidVertiser offers $20 FREE Advertising Credit

Free Advertising Credit
Bidvertiser is a CPC ad network works similarly like Google Adsense. The most interesting part of Bidvertiser is definitely its low payout – U$10.

I did signed up as Bidvertiser’s web publisher for my another site last week. Just before I applied the ads on my site, I received an email from Bidvertiser saying that BidVertiser now offers $20 FREE advertising credit for current publishers!

We are so confident that BidVertiser will work well for you also as an advertiser that we will immediately credit your advertiser account with $20 worth of funds, no deposit on your part needed!

Therefore, I accepted the offer since it’s free. :D The minimum cost for any ads in Bidvertiser is U$1.00 per day. That means you can advertise your site FREE for 20 days!
I spent U$2.00 for last 2 days, and this is what I’ve got:
Ads Impressions: 116,336
Ads Clicks: 40

So I got 40 visitors from the ads for free! Not bad huh?
Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

*Someone please remind me to pause it before I finish my U$20.00 free credits. If not, it will continue charging my credit card for U$1.00 per day. Thanks!!

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5 Responses to BidVertiser offers $20 FREE Advertising Credit

  1. Hei I have Bidvertiser ads on my site too, and I’ve earned a GRAND total of (……drum rolls….)

    16 CENTS! Wuuuhuuuuuu!


  2. Goob says:

    Darn, I signed up, but it shows my account balance as zero still :(

  3. I only made $1.56 so

  4. thepadi says:

    Can you fully stop it at $20 only?

  5. i do not have any good experience with Bidvertiser, they pay lower than Adbrite so i do not use them on my website..;’

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