Blogging Tips For New Startup Bloggers

I started this blog on January 2007. That was a time when most of my friends didn’t know how a blog is operated. Started up K-Director Dot Com wasn’t an easy task to me as there’s not much resources for me to learn how to begin a blog.

Researching and reading online had became my main resources to customize my blog and sharpen my writing skill. It was a tough path when everything was in dark, unsure, and scrabble.

Regardless you’re blogging for money or popularity, here’s some tips I believe they could show you a direction in blogsphere.

1. To Learn

Learning is a non-stop progress for a human. If you’re new in blogging, there are many things you should put some efforts for new knowledge. What should you know? A question you may doubt about.

  1. How does a web hosting server work
  2. How does a domain work
  3. How to purchase a domain and web hosting
  4. How to pick a good domain name
  5. How to choose a suitable web hosting
  6. How to moderate your cPanel
  7. How to install WordPress
  8. Customize WordPress theme
  9. Install WordPress plugins
  10. If you plan to make money from your blog, learn how does Google Adsense work
  11. What is feed/RSS and how to burn your feed
  12. How to use Google Webmaster and Google analytics to moderate your website

2. To Master

After you’ve a clear mind of what to learn, master them. Exercise of what you’ve learned and apply them on your blog. At the same time, start to blog and learn from the other bloggers. Writing skill is a key for better user experience.

  1. Master how to apply text format – bold, italic, header, more
  2. Master how to use images to beautified an entry.
  3. Master how to write a good title.
  4. Master SEO
  5. Master good and original content
  6. Master persistency
  7. Master consistency
  8. Master sharing is caring

3. Just Do It (Action)

Yes. For new startup bloggers, please settle down what is your preferably niche for your blog. Don’t be fickle minded and too greedy to write everything under sun.

On and off bloggers are not welcomed by Google Bot. So, just blog and write for good content.

4. Return

I believe after a blogger has goes through the above 3 steps, he/she will certainly will get some returns from blogging. It’s either returns in term of money or popularity.

Return always comes after efforts. This is for sure.

As a conclusion, Learn-Master-Action-Return is a natural cycle I have seen in blogsphere. How many blogs have been created every minute and how many blogs have been abandoned at the same time because don’t understand the cycle?

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