I just got this breaking news on Adobe Forum. Samuel Joseph IV received an email from Adobe asking him to take a survey on how he uses Adobe Director. In the email it says that Adobe Director 11 will be released in ‘near the end of 2007‘ not ‘some time in the middle of 2007′ .

Dean Utian replied,

With most broad release notices, you can expect the actual release date to be
towards the end of that period.
Second half of the year = End of year (December)
Under $1,000 = $999.99

Adobe has picked up the pace on promoting Director. CS3 was huge for Adobe. It
was their largest launch in the company’s history. That was because it covered a
huge range of products from old Creative Suite and acquired Macromedia Products.
And last Creative Suite was 2 years before. So, it was a big deal for Adobe.

I argued that this Adobe marketing period should have given some mention to
Director even to just say, it’s progressing. But alas that did not happen. But,
Adobe aren’t ignoring Director leading up to D11′s launch. With the CS3
e-seminars that were recently run by Adobe, one was run on Director. And from my
Adobe contacts, I know other things will be happening. So keep your eyes out. As
soon as anything happens, I’ll post here:)

Basically this is a good news for anyone who has been waiting for Adobe Director 11 released for years.
5 more months, I can’t wait any longer! :)

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