Build And Draw Dominos Online With Drawminos

Drawminos is a cool time killer for us to build and draw with dominos online then watch it all fall over.

Building a real dominos might be too time and energy consuming. The risk is too high either if one of it falls down. Thus, Drawminos does serve a good purpose for us to place dominoes on web with a handy online tool.

With Drawminos, you can either create your own dominos or play dominos in favourites gallery to pass the time.

As stated above, players can design their own dominos by dragging dominos and balls from the provided toolbar, then drop them anywhere on the screen. Players are allowed to copy and place the domino, rotate them to certain angle and even save their own game and send it to their friends.


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  1. arend says:

    how can i download tihis??????

  2. Anonymous says:

    u suck

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