Capture a Screenshot of Entire Website with Super Screenshot!

Do you ever feel troublesome to capture a large image from a website? Or you always need to print screen few times to complete a full website screenshot?

Super Screenshot provides a very user friendly service for you to screen capture an entire website. All you need to do is type in the website URL and leave all the mess to Super Screenshot.

Super Screenshot

It will take some seconds for Super Screenshot to complete a task. After a website screen capture has been completed, a preview will be shown with some options given such as formats, dimensions and sizes.

Capture a Screenshot of Entire Website with Super Screenshot!

The image below is a full screenshot of

Super Screenshot

You can view its entire screenshot here.

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3 Responses to Capture a Screenshot of Entire Website with Super Screenshot!

  1. Abas says:

    Hi, K   How are you?
     Yup, it's annoying to be taking multiple screenshots of a lengthy article or web page. Super Screenshot is definitely an idea worth bookmarking for the occasions. Its free, isn't it? I'll give it a try someday. Bookmarked!:mrgreen:
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  3. great list of info thanks for sharing.

  4. Rate md says:

    superb list thanks for sharing great work.

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