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Summary of Second Adobe Director 11 Live Online Meeting

I have to admit that I didn’t make it for Second Adobe Director 11 Live Online Meeting due to some unexpected circumstance. Luckily Martin Schaefer, the organizer, recorded down the great discussion for whole meeting. So if you missed out

Second Adobe Director Live Online Meeting

Seems like the respond of first Adobe Director Live Online Meeting was great. The second Adobe Director Live Online Meeting will be taking place on Tuesdays, June 24th @ 10am EDT (OtherTime Zones) in URL – According to Macromartin,

Adobe Director Bugs Found? Make A Report Here

What will you do if you found some bugs in Adobe Director? Normally we will try to look for some clues in UpdateStage‘s quirk list.  If you could not find any solution there, it’s better to visit The Director Community

Summary of Adobe Director 11 Online Meeting

For those missed Adobe Director 11 online meeting which was held by Martin on last Tuesday, here’s the summary of the meeting posted in Director Forum.

New Tutorial Site for Adobe Director 11

Some Director folks out there created a brand new Director site, Adobe Director Online, for Adobe Director 11. A New Director Community Adobe Director Online is aiming to become one stop for all director needs. The content shared or viewed

Adobe Director 11 Overview (Screenshots)

Adobe Director 11 is finally available for download. If you’re new to Adobe products, registration is required in order to download Adobe Director 11. At the meantime, Shockwave Player 11 download links are available too. I have downloaded and installed

Adobe Director 11 is in the House

Finally Adobe has launched Director 11 today. Many of Director fans are discussing this good news in adobe forum. “With the new Director 11, users can unleash their creative capabilities and broaden their market reach with less effort, producing more

Adobe Director 11 Announcement at GDC

Just a short post to make sure this blog is still alive.   According to the most recent Director Podcast, Adobe will be announcing the new Adobe Director 11 at the Games Developer Conference next week.

Adobe Director 11 New Release Will Be Announced In February

Bad news for all the Director folks. Adobe has just delayed the date to announce the new version of Adobe Director 11 from last December to February. It has been postponed second times which from 2007 December to 2008 January

Is Adobe Director 11 Releasing Soon?

It’s been too long for Adobe Director users to wait for the release of Adobe Director 11. It has been postponed from early of 2007 to end of 2007 and yet we have no big clue about it after the