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90 Absolutely Gorgeous iPhone Wallpapers

If you’re an iPhone user, we bet you must be having a cool wallpaper on your iPhone screen. We understand a creative wallpaper on phone can inspire the owner in a easier way if compare with desktop wallpaper. Image Credit:

10 Free Tools to Create Valentine’s Day Photo Effects in Five Minutes

If you’re planning to create a special Valentine’s day photo for your love one and don’t wish to spend hours on a tutorial, this article is for you. Here’s 10 free tools to help you to create Valentine’s day photo

Keyboard Shortcuts for All Adobe Softwares

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the important key to speed up productivity. A difficult task can be done easily and rapidly by using the right shortcut keys for an action. As the biggest multimedia softwares company in the world, Adobe

How To Add Watermark Quickly For A Batch Of Images

Watermark an image is one of the best way to protect your images on your website. It’s definitely at tedious job if you have quite a number of images that you want to put a credit on it. WatermarkV2 is

Add Some Funny Effects On Your Photos – piZap

Previously I did introduce PhotoFunia to make your photos unique and funny. Here’s another free online editor which allows you to add funny effects on your photos on the fly – piZap. In short, piZap lets people easily create wacky

A Brand New Image Editor – RealWorld Paint.COM [Freeware]

Do you remember the powerful image editor Paint.Net? Here’s another similar freeware which works as an image editor as well – RealWorld Paint.COM. In short, RealWorld Paint.COM is a freeware image editor that capable of working with image with a

Design An Animated GIF Online With Make A GIF

GIF stands for graphics interchange format which used for images with sharp edges and relatively few gradations of color such as line art, cartoons and text. We normally use GIF to create background transparencies and animations for web purposes. Making

Make A Cool Photo Montage With Your Magic Photo

Folks on web like to provide free services to make fun with photos. Previously I have showcased PhotoFunia, Phototeez and dumpr. Today, I gonna introduce another a cool website which has lots of great montage effects for your photos –

Free Google Chrome Themes Available At FreeChromeThemes Dot Com

If you’re bored with your Google Chrome plain layout, FreeChromeThemes has released 17 designs to makeover your Google Chrome user interface.

Resize And Edit Images On Web With DrPic

Image editing has no longer limited only on offline mode in Web 2.0. Online free image editors have been set up here and there like mushroom after rain. Today I gonna introduce an online image editor/resizer for light use beginners